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  1. Hi man! Your lightning and artstyle combined together looks really, really great! I think there's a lot of potential for this game as long as you try'n make the gameplay unique. I'll look forward seeing more! Cheers
  2. Cold Bodies - COOP Survival

    Gr8 work m8
  3. Skyrim In Unity

    NICE! I love Skyrim!:DLooks awesome!
  4. Cold Bodies - COOP Survival

    Looks awesome mars!! where will I be able to play it tho??
  5. F0t0ristic0 FPS

    Where is the webplayer ??
  6. EarthZ - little overview

    Walking dead picture in the end?? There is a thing called "copyright"!
  7. Cold Bodies - COOP Survival

  8. Cold Bodies - COOP Survival

    kul game bro
  9. Cold Bodies - COOP Survival

  10. Cold Bodies - COOP Survival

  11. Hobby project for Sweds

    Ok lycka till ändå!
  12. Hobby project for Sweds

    Jag är rätt så bra på "level-design" och ljus också litte lättare programering.. Vad heter du irl? jag kanske känner dig