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  1. zincsing

    Separating Bones

    I have no clue why i didnt think of this in the first place and i wanted to make the arms seperate so i can use a mouselook controller on the spine and i can switch through weapons. p.s, im not making a fps we all know a new one is started everyday in unity
  2. zincsing

    Separating Bones

    lol, i knew you it, and sorry i mean seperate it like you do with mesh by pressing Ctrl P
  3. zincsing

    Separating Bones

    Does any one know how to put certain bones into there own layer in blender once they have been assigned to a mesh.
  4. zincsing

    Blender Again

    THANKS! I am going to give this a go now, thanks for your blender knowledge
  5. zincsing

    Blender Again

    Hi its me again haha, i have ran into another problem and ive been googling around for the last 30 mins with no resualt, so ill go straight to the point. Why is my mesh (Bag) doing this and how can i fix it ?
  6. zincsing


    Quick question, is there any best way or places to seperate this model
  7. zincsing


    Thanks once again loftail, ill give this a go now. ^'>
  8. zincsing


    Hi, i was planning on making my character in separate parts so i put them all together and it looks good but as you can see in the picture below the parts separate when i pose them, so i want to know is there any way i can fix this and I also posted the rig below. Problem Rig
  9. oh i see, welll i guess we'll see if i run into any problems
  10. Thanks, but will having things in there own parts effect the rigging and animating
  11. zincsing

    Changing Clothing

    HI, So the other day i posted a subject on here called "Blender Clothing" and i got come great answers and help but now i was wondering how would i add and change the characters clothing in game such as hats and other stuff. i think i have a rough idea on how its done by changing mesh renders but not to sure any help would be much appreciated.
  12. zincsing

    Blender Clothing

    LOL! Ill do that now thanks
  13. zincsing

    Blender Clothing

    thanks i knew someone will have the answer, to show my appreciation i will be posting this model or something else soon. THANKS!!!
  14. zincsing

    Blender Clothing

    Hey all, so iv modeled this awesome man but i am having troubles with clothing. I have watched tutorial after tutorial trying to find the best and realistic ways of making clothing for my character but nothing is helping so i wanted to know if anyone on here can help me, tips and tricks would be a great help for me thanks.
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