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  1. Create a animation on image which increases its scale. When you code it in, start animation when mouse is hovering over it by creating a animator parameter and accessing that parameter.
  2. this looks great man. More visuals and is there way you can fail a level?
  3. I admit, I went out line there. My deepest apologies!
  4. Just good at telling people not to modify or sell a axe, he didn't really put much effort in.
  5. lol, do not modify or sell. Don't worry this is not even worth downloading.
  6. you have this on the wrong section bud, you want to move this to showcase.
  7. NEW UPDATE Prototype Version 3 Hello, armed unity members. Today I bring you the third prototype version of my fighting game. I've been working hard at improving and adding new game mechanics and features. My main focus on this update is implementing some of the core mechanics of a fighting game and showing you some of the features I'll have in my fighting game. Some of the features include fighter customization, arcade and vs (which is not fully setup yet). I'll be adding multiplayer over network and local play. As for a storyline for the game that will come later down the road. The aesthetics of the game will change again maybe in the next update or so. I thought about a better setting for the game and started creating concepts for those. I'll show you the concepts of what I planned for this update and they will be displayed down below. I do hope you all enjoy what I have brought to you today and you can find more information at my website, if you would like to support my game I will link my Patreon page down below. If you are interested in joining my project, I'm going to open a post specifically for recruiting help with this project in the recruitment catagory of the armed unity forums. --- Links --- Official Page ---> http://www.secretartsstudios.com/ Patreon Page ---> https://www.patreon.com/Sh1nobi --- Screen Shots --- --- Concept Art ---
  8. Great stuff, Improvement of the frame rate in the next video will get you more views or followers. I did enjoy the different locations you can go to and the ability to enter buildings and sewers. The guns could look a lot batter, I think the first gun with the futuristic sight, fits better with the setting of the game especially if you have sci-fi enemies like drones. You should rethink the design of the other guns which look like they belong in a WW1 or WW2 era. Textures could use a lot of work. If you using a laptop, optimization is very important for your game. I suggest you invest in a desktop computer. Also, add a variety of enemy types to your game. Overall its good but not great, good luck with your dev.
  9. XshinobiX

    tree problem

    Edit > Project Settings > Physics2D
  10. do you have any chat applications like skype or facebook messenger? I would like to talk to you some more on your game.
  11. Are there any issues with your rig? I could possibly help you with your models. Maybe send you one with a compatible macanim rig.
  12. hey, jolo309 very nice game you have. I've downloaded your game, its seem very fun to play. A few things I came across, I notice one zombie animations wasn't working after he spawned which he came north on the map. For your movement, it's little strange most top-down shooters you just press w and it follows your mouse cursor. Are you going with a different movement setup than most top-down shooters?
  13. Thanks geckoo for clarifying what happen with one of my posts. I appreciate the comment and interest in my project. I'll show off more when I have a chance here.
  14. hey fellow members, As you notice I revive this post because I don't know what happen to my current fighting game post. Fierce is a very old project I did with my first fighting game, I made major improvements over the years. I'll be converting this into or updating my current fighting game project. I will edit most this topic here once I get more time. As for right now if you guys are interested in my project and want to check it out. You can get a lot of updated information at my site. If you have any question please feel free to ask. Link to my site ---> http://www.secretartsstudios.com/ I'll will update this post shortly and show off what I've been working on, please be patient.
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