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  1. Will make 3D model for free

    Вовсе нет, ты дал задание, а я с ним так сказать не справился Изогнутые линии и дырки в моделях для меня - проблема. Рассчитывал больше на предметы мебели или здание. Извини.
  2. Will make 3D model for free

    Sorry for the delayed response I've started to making it and realized that it will be hard enough to do, but i will try Next time better to reference a blueprint of a weapon, this will make work more accurate and quicker.
  3. Will make 3D model for free

    Ill need some concepts of it, my imagination is not enough Draw me a picture, best if it will be an accurate "plan" of weapon
  4. Will make 3D model for free

    I am a newbie to 3d modelling, so i need some practice in it. Ask here in comments or PM me, i will reply you and say approximate time which i need to make a model. I cant make complicated models such as characters, Im better in interiors / exteriors, or furniture, for example.
  5. Tree Cutting (Unity Terrain)

    Wow, nice work!
  6. 350 Free Icons Material Design Style

    "Pulp Fiction"
  7. Minecraft Clone

    Чувак, эта штука уже давно всем известна. Dude, this asset is very old.