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  1. jake1012

    Photon basics

    Serialize the values on start. Meaning save the values somewhere. On instantiate serialize values
  2. jake1012

    100 CCU Photon.

    Incoming and out.
  3. jake1012

    100 CCU Photon.

    @Young Photon only allows 500 Msg per second. For game like mine(*Without revealing to much*) I would go over this with just 4 players using only a few RPCs
  4. jake1012

    100 CCU Photon.

    Hello, My name is Jake Giddens. Owner/Founder of Scroll Work™. I have been using Photon for awhile now, upon looking at the structure of photon is realized its a-lot more stable and capable then what Tobias let on. I contacted tobias on 5/16/13 and said "Photon has real potential, but your not utilizing it right?" Like any Networking giant they replied with "We created this network, We should know how to utilize it best". Upon testing i proved they where in fact not using to the full potential. So for almost 2 years now we have been working on a system to sync everything through stream and keep the packs Low. @Youngdeveloper: Was in deed correct as serialization of objects over network is heavy on initialization. Thats why im working on a method that does not need the whole gameobject synced. More like a detection system using Vectors serialized over the stream. This comes to all of you as abit confusing. When our system is fully Developed we will release a detailed documentation. For now. What we need is people to help test First Test: 10/10 Edit: Done Msgs: 47, Players Online: 10, Rooms: 1 Second Test: 30/30 7/7/15 Maybe? Third Test 50/50 Last and Finalized test 100/100
  5. This is true and is something we are looking to Fix. in a matter worth using of course.
  6. There are still some bugs im working on but this system has turned out to be very sound. Will post a video once all bugs are look at and fixed Remaining issues Constant Player Damage Constant Vehicle Starting
  7. Every single thing is sent through void OnPhotonSerializeView(PhotonStream stream, PhotonMessageInfo info) Basically Entering a car? Local player: Press to enter. Remote Player: streamed > Get Transforms inside stream > Sends message to place character in car > Start car Killing players? local player: Shoots player > Raycast gets Object > Object is set in Transforms Hits Remote Player: Receives hit objects > Applies Damage to objects from weapon in use. Opening doors? local Player: Open door > Raycast Gets Object Remote player: Receives Object > Sends Open door to Remote Object [RPC] = Message sent over Server. stream = 1/16 Message sent over server. For every 30 Streams = 1 msg. 500 Msgs = 15,000 streamed messages.
  8. "RPC" = Not needed. My whole game runs on not a single [RPC]
  9. jake1012

    How lucky am I?

    1000 Zombies + 90 Players = 345 Msgs Per Room.
  10. jake1012

    How lucky am I?

    There is a way to make it so you can shoot kill AI and players and Never Send a Single "RPC" The actual RPC.
  11. jake1012

    How lucky am I?

    If you get big. I can show you some network secrets to using photon with more then 32 players and A bunch of AI. Tobias and i have been talking and i blew his mind. I am now sponsored by them.
  12. Cox. i have been using unity since it was 1.1.3f I know the animator well. Its shit and should never be used. Now the Animator for character should be used always. MecAnim is a god send.
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