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  1. Daft Monkey Games is looking for a concept artist. Both for character and environment concepting. This is a paid job advertisement. If you are interested, please send resume and past work to career@daftmonkeygames.com Thanks
  2. Small indie game company is looking for a creative, talented, reliable intern 3D character/asset artist. Required skills: - Being able to create environment assets, characters and vehicle models in both cartoony and realistic style. - Understand the importance of retopology and good polygon structure. - Being able to rig & animate smoothly. - Speak english (intermediate+) Advantages: - 2D concepting and game art. There is no age restriction. If you are interested in this post, please send your resume and past work to career@daftmonkeygames.com Thank you!
  3. Hey guys, here is my new and very very simple game for android devices. Hope you like. Google Play Link
  4. Yeah noticed that a few hours ago, I was just lazy to fix lol.
  5. Hey guys, Finally published my new android game: Gravybot Gravybot is a new challenging arcade game based on realistic physics. The unique game mechanics, amazing graphics and exciting levels won't let you get bored. How to play: Use the right and left turn buttons to turn your character, whenever it reaches the ground, it will push himself away. Depending how do you land on the ground or other objects, the character will jump in the equivalent angle. Play Market link to the game: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.GravyBot.DaftMonkeyGames
  6. Anyone who tried it, how much is your best score? Mine was 320, friends had maximum 120. I haven't played much btw.
  7. Thanks. I don't plan any changes or upgrades to the game, it was just a side project with only these "features" and im done with it. The only thing that will make me touch this project again is fixing critical bugs, thats all. Working on better stuff takes all my time. Thanks.
  8. I had no idea what else could I use as a big barrier other than a big chest which can't be just jumped over. Looks like the game is fixed by now!
  9. For those who don't get through the start screen, it looks like chartboost messed up the game... fixing it right now. Update: Game is fixed, waiting for Play Market to apply the changes.
  10. Hey guys, I haven't been really working on anything in the past few weeks (months?) and I decided to create something which does not require months of work to get it done, so today I created a stupid simple game called Runcraft 3D. Basically the game style is similar to Subway Surfers and you probably realized already that the design is trying to aim to Minecraft's graphics design. I got the whole stuff done in under a few hours, while it's not a complex and quality game, I liked how quick I was able to finish and publish a "whole" game. So yeah, here is the download link, please try it out and rate (only if good ): DOWNLOAD (android) Here is a video as well: I might improve this game in the near future as it has some bugs and stuff, but its playable already so im happy. Thanks
  11. Húzz ki mindenféle controllert a gépedből az egereden és billentzyűzeteden kívül, ellenőrözd hogy nincs-e beragadt billentyűd illetve hogy nem-e hibás a billentzyűzeted. Ha ez nem jönne be, töröld az Unityt és annak minden maradványát az Uninstallerrel (azaz ne csak a mappát töröld). A dokumentumokból is töröld a project fájlokat.
  12. Komoly, tetszenek a tájak! Jó végre komolyabb projectel is találkozni itt!
  13. Well, high poly meshes are not game ready meshes so if you have problem with these -> use/make game ready meshes. Use texture atlases, for example I build my whole map with 1 to 3 draw calls (and no, they don't look shit). For details, use normal maps over using more geometry. You might want to bake dynamic lights as well with lightprobes, but don't forget to set your rendering to deferred lighting as bumpmapping won't work with forward rendering + baked dynamic lights. Compress your textures if you can (till you don't lose much details) and reduce the resolution. Don't waste UV space. Don't use Unity's built in GUI functions, each object will cost one draw call, the easy way is using some kind of plugin like NGUI which generates an atlas for your GUI objects, this way it will cost only one draw call. If you use the built in terrain tool, you can set the resolution of the terrain. If I remember correctly, plants will cost a lot of draw calls (I model mines in Maya so I make them cost only 1 draw call, doesn't matter how much I place in the level). Use static batching for static objects, occlusion culling, and dynamic batching wherever you can. Don't forget Debug.Logs and other unnecessary stuff in your code, don't call everything in every frame if its not neccessary. I could write about it for hours, just go around in your game and check/optimize everything. And use the profiler.
  14. Loved your music, welcome here!
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