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  1. I better get the ban ;D I would love that! Thanks (Showing wire-frames for low poly models would be useless ? thats just amusing ;D you just made my day with that) + I do not want to show anything cuz ain't worth it when you say that a gun looks the same xD as in another game without no proof thats the stupidest thing that I could read! And no further talk!
  2. well thats a way to insult my work! My models are 100% superior to those of cs go , ofcourse The guns\Weapons\Sidearms CZ-75Auto and Smith & Wesson Model 327 TRR8 (wich I named it after the Battlefield Hardline's sidearm .357RS) I used for reference are the same as in CS GO. I realy do not know what made you think of that! Do you know how to make a difference between 2 3d models based of the same Reference ? And a thing I cannot do is to show behind the scenes work, thats becouse my collaborator does not allow me to show images of the work we did on them, and since most of the stuff was done on his pc! I can only show you side by side comparison with wireframe on for my models and the once from cs go! Reference used:
  3. ***Links removed*** Preview
  4. Best mobile bloom there is ! Sleek Render: Fast Mobile Bloom [BETA] Link here : Click
  5. @EmbersStudio if you ever want to buy something ask other experienced people for this stuff like Me for example I actualy do want to help people buy good stuff not crap!
  6. the assetstore is full of rips is just that no one reports them , I mysefl had been reporting ported assets from assetstore for an year, and some are still today on the Assetstore Admins suck anyway
  7. you mean those? https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/84616 xD dude even the glove model fits the CSS original xD \.So ,they are a Ripp\Port. Is just that they are just modified xD
  8. Why are there CounterStrike source Hands?
  9. fennixx

    MP5k Sound Pack

    if you are able to find my sounds in a game I give you all the money I do in the next year from my animations xD
  10. fennixx

    MP5k Sound Pack

    I don't think that my post says mp5! And if you don't know what you are talking about why even bother to comment?(and whats with the comment "Did you make these sounds though" who else do you think made them?)
  11. fennixx

    MP5k Sound Pack

    The pack contains: http://imgur.com/a/Uzam4 Preview: https://soundcloud.com/mircea-prunaru-1/mp5k-preview Link: https://gumroad.com/l/XIipD
  12. I can translate in Romanian! from english or french ofc xD(but i can also translate in french with a friend! )
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