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  1. Hey there! I am looking for a person with some experience in C# who is able to work with mecanim,gun mechanics, and multiplayer system, all of this I need for an Android game The game is a PVP Third person Airsoft shooter with anime like characters!! For the moment the project is only test models , shaders and a Fps controller with joystics for mobile !since my knowledge in programing is 1% in return of the "help given" I can help aswell (my skills are 3D modeling ,FPS animating(and a bit of 3p animating),Texturing) BTW my work on the rest of the models is paused becouse I was trying to learn about a gun script but with no success! If someone is interested to talk about it send me a message! !!Thank you!! PS: I only look for serious people with atleast max 2 hours a day to talk\work! **(Position filled)**
  2. You can use xNormals to bake one or try Quixel ND2 if you can still find it! Or Click here
  3. is a bit complicated but try to think of it like a grappling hook ! but with some added magnet forces to the objects that you jump too
  4. Nice Thanks for sharing! It will help me a lot xD
  5. for being funny but do not take it for bad xD!!! if there was the case for bad I would say it strait without hesitation!! but I do look foward to see something funny dow
  6. Hmm I realy dont know what else have you done to them other than playing around in AdobeFuse! but youre "story's" for them made me laugh so bad xD
  7. Showcase This a small review of the textures but i still need to up the contrast on the darker tone
  8. his map Image xD? Unique fps is hard to make xD ! You have to brigh something that Call of Duty,CounterStrike,Halo,Battlefield, Don't have and that's hard to do!
  9. Hmm when you say "Graphics" what exactly do you mean? (Logo,GUI,2DTexturing,2DArt,3DTexturing,3Dmodeling,ShaderPrograming?)
  10. btw nice way to ask for help and you seem to be English I suppose?? Next time learn how to proper ask for help and don't just post something and expect a fool to give you the answer!
  11. search on google how to proper install android SDK and how to setup youre android device or you wont be able to build!
  12. we can talk more in private.There is not needed to talk here I gues! but my prices are from 3 to 50$ per taks
  13. yeah why?
  14. Easy to setup , good mechanics , easy to modify\add\ stuff to it , Camera movement (for example when you make a reload the camera moves via an animation made in 3rdParty software) , and Optimized? for any type of platforms(this is the best of all + mobile controlls ofc)! And a lot more!!!