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    My interests are: Unity 3d, Scripting, and in general, game designing. I'm an athlete, love sports, and play football in my off time.
  1. Mmkay. Sign me up. I have some ideas, but, they're just ideas. I do have some questions, however. Do you have any animators or modellers?
  2. I certainly will. Add me on Skype if you want. I'll work on nit. nathan.elmeier
  3. It's not that we're newbies; it's that we want people with some experience. Why would a team of newbies start?
  4. Hello there to all of you reading this! This undecided project, which is a WIP, is currently being constructed on by a two-man-army! We currently are working on a campaign mode, but nothing else. We're about 0.05% done, since we have so much to do! Do realize now that you will NOT get paid. Hate to break it to you, but the truth is supposed to set us free. Right? This project currently is a WIP, and a level is being designed; but only 1. We intend to construct a game that is based on the large operation that is worldwide known as War on Terror, which started with the 9/11 attacked. That's a suggestion that we may or may not use that scene, but it's unlikely. Skipping ahead. We are currently looking for: A) C# (and possible JavaScript) Programmers (1-2) - We're all newbies at one point, and so we're lenient. We just require you know what you're doing, to be frank. Animator(s) (1-2) - We want medicore-advanced animators. C) Modeler(s) (1-2) - We want ADVANCED modelers. D) Voice Actors (3+) - We want decent, non-crappy quality recordings. We're looking for American-accented people as of now. E) Graphics Designer(s) (1-2) - We want ADVANCED graphics designers, ranging from textures to blood and gore splats, and all of that nice stuff. Nothing like gooey, sweet, sticky blood dripping on the floor. F) Level Designer(s) (1-2) - We require you are pretty good at level designing. G) Trailer/Video/Gameplay/Photographic Editors (2) - We require you are ADVANCED at editing these types of things in order to ensure the output of the game is professional. H) Non-lechers (9+) - We want people who won't leach off of OUR hard work as a TEAM and take credit for the work they did not put into it. I) Beta Testers - The star means infinite, in case you don't realize that. We're looking for beta testers and criticizers as we get into the more 50% stage. We'd like for one person to have Unity Pro, but Unity Pro is not required. It -would- help with shadow effects, etc. for the final project, but, it is not required, for you can bake shadows, albeit it takes longer. Game Info This Work-In-Progress FPS game will rock the FPS genre! It intends to have that realistic twist like the Battlefield series, but go the extra mile to success! It will include the action-packed, thrilling campaign game play you get from some of the world's most recognized series such as Call of Duty, whilst staying on the realm of realism! Do you like killing terrorists? Well damn, who doesn't? Do you like action packed games? Well, DAMN, who -DOESN'T-? If -YOU- are searching for a fun game to beta test or play when it is prepared, all for the low, low, sweetening low cost of only $0.00, this amazing, FPS thriller will be in -YOUR- hands. All for that low, low cost of free. As of now, we are unsure if this will be a part-time hobby or a massive, around-the-clock project; perhaps somewhere in between.
  5. ^ That man has a point. I am a level designer, an apprentice-of-scripting, etc. I'd like to join, but if you're 0.00% done, that's pretty scary that you want a team. ~ Cdn
  6. I'm a level designer if that counts. Will this be for commercial use? I can test the game, for I give amazing constructive criticism. No lie. I feed upon your hurt feelings. Is there any possible way to squeeze me onto the team? If anything else, I'd like to learn from you and your team about how to create such a great game.
  7. I have a southern accent for I live in Texas. In the grand USA. So I'd love to record and assist you. I have a pretty damn deep voice, but I'm only 13. I'm being serious about this, too, mind you. ~ Cdn
  8. I'll leach off of you if I get to join the team. Lol. Just kidding. Nawh, I'd rather be learning how the Hell you people are so good at making these games. Keep up the good work!
  9. I would absolutely love to help! I, too, am 13. I'm learning UnityScript, and since I have a little knowledge in JavaScript, it shouldn't be too hard. I'm also learning more advanced JavaScript, and currently am learning C#. I know HTML and Batch - which is a coding for the Notepad/Commmand Prompt/CMD. I know Visual/Basic/Visual Basic coding, which is like C#, so it would be rather easy. However, since I am new to Unity 3D, I couldn't really help with coding - yet. I have a friend and myself that are making a small team to work on a FPS. Perhaps he and I, or perhaps only myself, can assist you? I can make levels, and I do have weapons that aren't from OMA that I could give you. I'm currently working on weapon-making myself; however, I cannot promise -I- can make the weapons. I can provide scripts, etc, which are in C#. However, I can't really say I can actually make multiplayer people, for, I'm afraid that: A) I am not a modeller. I'm learning how to make a full-bodied person, but since I have not delved into multiplayer-making too much as of yet, I only make my FPS controller have arms and a weapon. He is a cylinder with arms and a weapon. I do have some questions, however. Is your game going to have a campaign mode? I am learning how to make advanced AI currently. How many maps do you intend for myself or another level designer to create? Will it be modern or futuristic in the wasteland genre? Perhaps inbetween? Will the 'survivors' use modern weapons, or will it be more... Borderlandish?
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