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  1. Don't pay for that. I'm sure that people would do it for free (I know I would). If no one has helped you after my soccer game I'll do it for free.
  2. Add a health bar to it, and make the monster attack a sentry gun.
  3. Hey man, I like it, had quite some fun with it. I've discovered one small bug though. When you're not on a flat surface (the half-pipes) and you press S, you will rapidly gain speed (over 50).
  4. Alright, thanks for your feedback man. Now I understand what you mean. I agree with the fact of all the buildings are the same (By the way, there are more towns but I haven't showed them). I'm not a graphics artist, I'm just a developer which used this to learn how to use my developing skills in Unity itself. So, thanks again.
  5. I have put a lot of effort in this, but as it was my first real Unity 3D project it might not be visible. I have learned so much by this project and I will use this in my future projects. I get it now, most of you don't like it and that's fine with me. But support your opinion with an argument and maybe tell me what to improve. For example, in one of the comments above there is said: 'it looks incomplete'. Please, provide me with arguments on how to make it more 'complete'. The price is low, because I think that is the future of gaming. I'm aiming for a range of games with a low price for decent/good quality. I want to get rid of the 70 dollar games.
  6. Incomplete? This game is completed and is made for people who are interested in playing a fun game. Don't think that I'm angry now, but I'm just selling a game like people sell their games on Steam.
  7. You are right OMA, I'm selling it as a playable game and not as a project.
  8. If you want to know, I've already sold 9 copies.
  9. Last man standing and capture the flag with 4 teams.
  10. Hello everyone, Sandy Slaves is finally done after I took a long break. Sandy Slaves is a small game where you have to collect 25 gold coins to buy yourself out of the slave camp. You can gain coins by completing missions and challenges. Right now there are enough missions for atleast 3 hours of gameplay. Some old footage, but the concept is the same. The lagg in the video was because of my terrible computer specifications, you won't have any trouble running it. The controls are simple and minimalistic. WASD for walking and the space bar to jump. The missions/challenges are started when you walk close enough to a NPC. There is no shooting, no dying involved in this game. You can buy this game for only $3 right here: https://sellfy.com/p/bwfx/ From every copy sold, $1 will be given to the WWF to support the research on green energy and save the world. Please keep in mind that this game was mainly a project to learn from. I will work on other projects in the future and might update this game if needed. Have a nice day, Jake
  11. He means without uploading it to Youtube first I think. I don't think you can display it in any other way man...
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