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  1. So i was working on my game when i came to the decision to change to a different character. I didn't change the code, but with the new character the IK doesn't work properly anymore. (see image) Code (nothing special, made this to test this specific problem) animator.SetIKPosition(AvatarIKGoal.LeftHand, testt.position); animator.SetIKRotation(AvatarIKGoal.LeftHand, testt.rotation); animator.SetIKPositionWeight(AvatarIKGoal.LeftHand, 1); animator.SetIKRotationWeight(AvatarIKGoal.LeftHand, 1); Any ideas? What could be wrong with the model? PS: FinalIK works fine with it, i tested that.
  2. It was great, JJ really did a good job. But they spent alot of money on it. idk if they will make all that back.
  3. Ah, but tbh i don't think thats the problem.. Thanks though! Anymore ideas?
  4. I've come across a strange issue in unity, where animation's root motion is different when framerate is different. Example: when the player hits f, the code positions the character at the enter position, and rotates the character properly. From there, animation takes over, and the position the character ends up in differs, even though the animation is the same one every time. Only thing different is framerate. I've tried putting VSync on, but it doesn't really help that much. Pics: animation played at 60+ FPS and played at ~45 fps any ideas? thanks in advance!
  5. adamb910

    Project: Xeno

    Woah, is this based on the film Alien? I actually love this.
  6. Just do Showtext(); instead of startcoroutine Edit: try doing: StartCoroutine(Showtext()); and change the void to IEnumerator as DaBoss said.
  7. Honestly let people do whatever they want... Their time, their resources. I don't see why people should be going about telling people not to make a type of game just because they've seen alot of it. If its unsuccessful they will learn from that, no one is forced to buy/play or do anything with it. Let everyone follow their own dreams and set their own goals.
  8. Because Debug.Drawline isn't mainly what i want to do. its just to visualize for myself. If i am correct, (a- should work, but it doesn't, and its really frustrating me, because i'd like to get the double of that (a- *2 etc. Any ideas? EDIT: Figured it out. For anyone who in the future has a problem like this, doing (a- gives you a direction w/ a length, that ends in the target object, so with Debug.DrawRay (othercube.position, newpos, Color.red); we get to the correct place.
  9. This is probably very simple, but i can't seem to figure this out. I just want a Vector between the two cubes, pointing from one to another. I did this: Vector3 newpos = (transform.position - othercube.position); Debug.DrawLine (othercube.position, newpos, Color.green); and got this: Thanks in advance to anyone that can help, this has caused me alot of frustration.
  10. adamb910

    3rd person aiming

    Oh yeah, i kinda meant in a different way. hit.point is a point in the 3d world, and the GUI co-ordinates is a different cup of tea. hit.point gives us a Vector3, which we can convert to GUI with Camera.WorldToScreenPoint i believe. Another method would be actually dragging the texture you want onto a box, and setting the box's position to hit.point, and make it face the player with LookAt();.
  11. adamb910

    3rd person aiming

    Maybe draw a texture at the Raycast hit point?
  12. adamb910

    Animation problems.

    Honestly, if you asking for help you could have some more respect. But anyway, i believe the rig you have isn't a humanoid? The last time i checked mecanim didn't work for non-humanoids.
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