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  1. Anyway, welcome... you is homie now
  2. Im all up for games and all, but... I can't deal with this.
  3. Ok, NOT a good idea to give a user direct access to your mysql db. PHP is not stupid at all.
  4. Better have a calendar event for when I joined the team....
  5. Working on implementing new gui, video on the main post.
  6. Thats true, but what I posted can be applied to anything (cars, canon balls, etc), but yeah youre better off using raycast and just altering the damage done based on the distance from the origin and the hit point.
  7. Added the ability to make folders to categorize your assets. Also, DaBoss and I are brainstorming a good map for Darkraze which will be the first map made using the editor.
  8. to get a value from the moving object use rigidbody.velocity.magnitude
  9. danged Brits and their broadband speeds
  10. Just added importing of more mesh formats (fbx, 3ds, blend, dae). All this DOES work in Unity Free. I'll be making a new map very soon, possibly featuring it in Darkraze Update 5 demo too (If it doest suck too bad).
  11. Sounds like a good idea, ill get the assets and make a video tomorrow
  12. Finished implementing the shader editor, added a color picker for color variables and now Texture2D can be edited in scripts. Making second video soon.
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