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  1. Hey guys, I've been away for a few months now, decided to take a change of pace and have gone more into creative writing and decided to write a couple of books. I've also been writing a few movie scripts and am leaving for LA in a couple months to discuss optioning one of them with some small studios over there, so exciting stuff I'm up for working on some stories and scripts with you guys on any singleplayer projects you may have as am pretty free on time again now my first book is currently available for £0.99/$0.99 if you want to take a look: hyperurl.co/deathofaboy anyways good to be back
  2. even similarities are dangerous case in point: Microsoft sued a guy for his company under his own name -- MikeRowSoft (Mike Rowe) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microsoft_vs._MikeRoweSoft Big companies will always win if they get pissed, its just the way of the world.. If i was to make a game called 'syhe6' and trademarked it and google brings out a new phone the Google: syhe 6 I still wouldnt have a chance of suing regardless of the blaring infringement... they will just sue you back for defamation of character, damages (which with there $1000 an hour lawyers & 7 figure profit margins = alot) best bet is just to entirely avoid the situation, name it something completely random and unique and just plea ignorance and agree to change the name if any lawsuit does come your way
  3. look at this example, it includes attachments but the whole basis of enabling and disabling weapons is included: hope this helps
  4. a game designer is not a programmer, 3d artist or any other variation. It is it's own job role. It is a pre-production role and they are usually in charge of 'designing' gameplay mechanics, the story (not script), props, character development etc which is usually in a written form presented in a GDD. it is VERY unusual to see a role of game designer in an indie studio though... same as HR, PR, Writers are all usually merged into one or more other peoples job roles to save money (why pay 4 people £30,000 each when you can pay one) a game DEVELOPER on the other hand is a production role (although the title developer is most closely associated with a programmer, a game developer is anyone who works on the production of a game from audio engineers, artists to programmers, the only exception is a voice actor as they are more closely detailed as such due to the specific nature of their role. but I agree this post is way to generic in what they are asking for
  5. very unlikely its a unity bug, can you post the complete script? its easier for me to debug than looking through pictures of snippets...
  6. Currently 50% off on Itch, help me reach the funding goal here Update 1.18f - What's New? Today I have released the newest update for Color's Labyrinth. Included in the update is the highly sought after multiplayer mode. Currently there is only one game mode added - "Adventure" in which there are no enemies, just you and up-to 4 other players, navigating through the vast maze trying to escape! There is the option to choose your in-game username and also an in-game text chat, in order to communicate with other players. There is also the ability to customise your character in-game, (in the multiplayer mode only). Press the 'R' key to change your characters skin. There is a hidden perk for different skins, so keep your eyes open! I also added a level unlock system so you now have to work your way through the levels in singleplayer. Don't worry, the levels save after you complete them so if you close the game you won't have to start at the beginning! I also added a new AI, this time as-well as having the ability to shoot back at you, you will encounter several units who have armed themselves with shields! These enemies will take an extra shot to defeat! A pause menu has also been added (singleplayer only) which allows you to customise a few useful settings. And finally, I have added a further 3 levels in singleplayer mode. There is alot more updates coming soon, including the multiplayer 'Slayer' mode and level creation/customisation. Thank you for your interest in Color's Labyrinth. I have attached some screenshots to the original post. If you need any support and/or have any questions, don't hesitate to leave a comment or email me at: raww@thedumbestdinosaur.com
  7. I think he means the decryption key on mega, you need to copy the whole link not just click the hyperlink, its just a formatting error on the original post, the download works fine.
  8. ^^ yeah he definitely made it... here is his portfolio: https://camoreno.carbonmade.com/ he is quite talented.
  9. navmesh has been available in the free version of unity for about a year now... so I will post my solution which is in the original post if you bothered to read... Window --> navigation --> bake please for the sake of everyone sanity learn how to do stuff yourself, watch tutorials, read articles and look through example projects but dont try making your own game with literally 0 knowledge of how anything works.
  10. this is for the legacy raknet system, if you want to learn UNET (which is recommended as its newer, better and up-to-date) theres a good interactive series here: https://forum.unity3d.com/threads/unity-5-unet-multiplayer-tutorials-making-a-basic-survival-co-op.325692/
  11. *THIS IS NOT A SHOWCASE SECTION SO PLEASE DON'T SPAM LINKS TO CONTENT ETC JUST YOUR PROFILES* Hi All, I thought it might be a nice idea to have a place to share our social media profiles and other accounts? Whether it be steam, twitter, facebook or indieDB, share your usernames and let's connect on these services we use everyday. My Twitter: /TheDumbestDino Share your profiles below
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