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  1. If you don't know how to install the android SDK why are you building for android? https://developer.android.com/ Explains everything
  2. Why are you using shader forge? It's been deprecated for a while now and Unity offers their own Shader Visual Scripting asset called Shader Graph
  3. Whyherro

    Could this be real?

    What company comes after you because you quit smoking? Either you did something sketchy and someone is investigating or someone is watching you for whatever reason. If you feel threatened call the police or what ever force will help you in your country. Same thing with harassment. What country are you from??
  4. Whyherro


    That fat dude took a WHOLE watermelon to the back of the head, jesus christ. AND HE'S STILL EATING THE CAKE
  5. Looks really good so far! Movement and transitions look very smooth. The animations fit very well as well. THE COMBAT! LOOK AT IT! IT'S AMESOME! All in all, it looks like it could be super fun to play as it is, can't wait to see what your future holds with this project :)
  6. Well, you see. It's two different products released by two seperate companies. Everything doesn't just work when you drop it into your project. Looking into your post history I suggest you learn a little more and stop asking for stuff. Ask for some help from the creators of the assets, look at the documentation of the assets. No one is just going to make your game for you for free. I really hate to be an asshole to newbies, but some of you really should get a different hobby.
  7. Whyherro

    Unity FPS

    I found this as well, hope you guys enjoy https://docs.improbable.io/unity/alpha/content/get-started/get-started
  8. Whyherro

    Unity FPS

    It's a free asset. What else do you want? If you want something original build on top of it. That's what the kit is for.
  9. Haha yes!!! No problem man, good to have you back!! I'm not on PSN anymore unfortunately. More of a PC gamer now a days, my gaming rig is out of commission right now tho due to a fried graphics card
  10. Make a trailer, make devlogs. When you're making devlogs for the love of god use a proper microphone with no background noise. Showcase different features of you game on reddit in the Unity3d or the Unity2d subreddits.
  11. Hey man, Welcome back! Probably not gonna remember me lol I used to be called Pspdude
  12. Hey guys, I found this originally in a reddit post, and thought you guys might enjoy it! With Shua you don't need to write any commands to input to the console you just use your current methods. Here's an example: To change the experience of my player all I need to type in the console is -g "Player" -c PlayerStats -m GiveExperience 100 For -g you type the name of whatever game object you want to use, in this case it's my players. -c is the component on the used game object, in my case I used my PlayerStats.cs class. and lastly -m is the method located in the class you're using. https://github.com/shwaDev/ShuaConsole
  13. A free and easier way of doing this would be using Pages supported by whatever git service you use. For example, I use Gitlab and Jekyll for my website http://whyherro1.gitlab.io/blog/ In visual studio code I save my work and push to gitlab. All of my sass and website is compiled with jekyll and sent to the gitlab "host". Also, all of that should've been 1 video.. Good work, just a little outdated.
  14. Wow, This is free?! Thanks for the share!
  15. That looks really good. Thanks man!
  16. Thanks so much for the feedback! I agree with everything you said. The title tile now is full height of the screen and I changed colours and made sure everything is centered properly! Check out the changes here!
  17. Not sure if anyone saw the original layout I had in the chat yesterday, But I thought I could do a lot better and came up with this! https://whyherro1.gitlab.io/blog/ If anyone could please check it out and give me some advice, suggestions etc that would be great!
  18. Lmfao you joined 37 minutes ago. This was posted 2 years ago and the poster last logged in 2 years ago.
  19. I've been using Affinity designer for almost 4 months and I gotta say that I've never looked back at Photoshop. After awhile of using Photoshop it gets sluggish and slow, with Affinity it's super fast even after hours of use.
  20. Whyherro

    Lonely World

    Crazy to see the motivation and drive you have for a project, I wish you the best of luck to the future of your project! It's not everyday you see someone here working on a project for 5 years. Your mapping has gotten a lot better over the years
  21. Just wanted to show something I thought was kinda cool with Naughty If any of my "Enemy Essential" variable are 0 a warning pops up. If my "Max Health" is less then health a warning pops up to show you what is wrong. Just wanted to show what you can do with a few lines. Edit: One more! My enemy types are only changed when they spawn, so there really is no way for me to change them while running unless I just spawn a new enemy, this is an easy fix with Naughty! Sorry if I keep spamming this Asset, I just really think it's amazing!
  22. Ahh alright, well thanks for enabling it!!
  23. It would be pretty sweet if signatures were added back to the forum, that is if the forum software supports it. Signatures are useful to showcase any links Users would like to "Advertise" for example: Users YouTube channels, portfolios, blogs etc
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