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  1. Sometimes it does take awhile to review. Just give it another few days, if not contact support
  2. It doesn't take overnight to make something bud. Saying stuff like that can sound pretty rude.
  3. Lucian. Look at your IDE LONG AND HARD. It is right in front of your face!
  4. No I can't. Unity gives you the EXACT line you're missing the semicolon.
  5. Bud. Can you read the error? You're missing a semicolon somewhere. I'm not telling you where. Anytime you miss type something you make a new thread
  6. Make sure everything is saved correctly. Also make sure you're actually copying the correct folder. Before the days of me using version control I had a couple instances of this happening. Usually was me just not copying the correct folder
  7. Looks pretty sweet man, Definitely interested!
  8. Super cool man! Made a quick little scene to test it out
  9. Huh. Never really thought of using Unity for that purpose. Looks really good man
  10. trwilson if you would check the post dates that would be great. Also if you checked the time that carlos was last active, he was active last year. Mind not grave digging? Thanks.
  11. What exactly do you expect to accomplish if you're lazy?
  12. Seriously asoneym?? And Atomic. You're not going to learn if you're just going to ask for people to make stuff for you. If you google Unity3d car physics tutorials you get tons of results.
  13. Glad to see you back DaBoss. When did you move on from DarkRaze?
  14. showcase

    That raptor is pretty sweet. That's my dream car
  15. a minute after I post... It works.