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  1. Free Models provided by Google

    https://poly.google.com Check this out, pretty sweet!
  2. First of all you have 1 post, you joined last year So obviously you've just been leeching. And now you want a download for a tutorial? Tutorials are made to learn from. If you're just downloading shit all over the place what's the point of even trying to make a game if you don't want to put in the work? Edit: This thread is also FOUR years old.
  3. Instant Multiplayer Kit

    It's 3 years old bud, That happens.
  4. Scripting help

    Lucian, Bud. Yes that's a very stupid question. Quick answer, No.
  5. Photon Turn Based ?

    Photon turn based is not a product anymore. http://forum.photonengine.com/discussion/7766/photon-turnbased-merges-into-photon-realtime-on-may-25th-2016
  6. Login UI (PSD TEMPLATE) - 3

    Thanks man, It looks horrible in game view. No clue how to properly use anchors lol
  7. Login UI (PSD TEMPLATE) - 3

    Was just trying to make some quick animations to see how it looked. Mess with it, Yes I realize it's ugly. Stupidmenu.unitypackage
  8. Weapon Sway

    You obviously didn't name it properly
  9. [Unity3d]Arctic Territory - The Best FTP Upcoming FPS

    Looks pretty sweet man!
  10. Help with pause menu script :(

    if (Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.B) && pausemenu.active == false); { pausemenu.SetActive(true); WeaponUI.SetActive(false); WeaponSound.SetActive(false); } if (Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.B) && pausemenu.active == true); { pausemenu.SetActive(true); WeaponUI.SetActive(false); WeaponSound.SetActive(false); } Your problem in here. I'm not telling you how to fix it, because it is an easy fix but your problem is there. Look closely at what you either typed or copied and pasted.
  11. Project MMO 2D - Concept UI

    Looks really good man!
  12. ZionRawR - Menu v2

    Two years old. This thread is Two Years Old.
  13. Vehicle Physics Free Project.

    Bud. Please learn to read. Thanks
  14. Question about unity input from a controller. Need help ASAP!

    Check these out https://docs.unity3d.com/401/Documentation/Manual/PlatformDependentCompilation.html and Just use for example #if UNITY_XBOX360 and just write for the selected platform rather then re-writing anything. That way it will work for any platforms the asset supports Edit: I read this wrong, Ignore lol Rather Then "Horizontal" And "Vertical" Pretty sure it should be the joysticks for the platform ex; Xbox "Left analog X", "Left analog Y" Edit2: Honestly anyone shouldn't be buying something on the assetstore and thinking it's 100% right out of the box. Should be a pretty simple process to adapt to a controller setup with your asset
  15. My Portfolio

    Great job so far man. Here's what I don't like: The font for your name is pretty ugly, the text colour for the subheader is too dark especially when you hover over the links. The grid layout is great, but most of the web traffic nowadays is on mobile devices. Your layout isn't responsive and can definitely have a huge impact of whether or not people want to hire you by the looks of the website. The grid items are also waaaaaaay to close together. As soon as you land onto your site, you're bombarded with all of these images Take a look at this, http://sizzy.co/?url=http%3A%2F%2Fjohannesnienaberdigitalartist.com Now, the header itself seems a little dated. The "Style" a lot of designers are going for lately are a "modern" design. I'm going to drop some examples of my favourite looking portfolios currently http://travisneilson.com This one is super simple and right to the point https://www.mackenziechild.me Take a look at this repo also https://github.com/iRaul/awesome-portfolios Now, I'm not trying to be a dick or anything this is just some constructive feedback. I come from a design background, so if you need any advice or help shoot me a message edit: http://sizzy.co is a great tool for responsive design also