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  1. HTML in UI Text

    I know this isn't what you want, but PowerUI went opensource awhile ago and you make UI with HTML And CSS https://github.com/Kulestar/powerui
  2. Unity Hub

    This looks pretty sweet! In my opinion tho, Unity should already do this and not have to have another app for this https://blogs.unity3d.com/2018/01/24/streamline-your-workflow-introducing-unity-hub-beta/
  3. Hello from 17 Years old game dev :)

    Hey man, Welcome to Armedunity! (The best Unity forum out there!!) I'm sure everyone will gladly welcome you here with open arms! -Whyherro
  4. [Work In Progress] Rangers 2D RPG

    By the way, Follow my twitter for the latest development. @Whyherro1 I'll be updating the thread every few weeks or so when I feel like I've added enough for an update
  5. [Work In Progress] Rangers 2D RPG

    Huge Update! Check the main post
  6. Need help with wall jumping logic

    @gomnosano having a bool in an if statement like if(canWallJump) is the same as having it as canWallJump == true. you can also do if(!canWallJump) which means canWallJump == false. Anyways, this is fixed and working fine now. Topic can be closed if needed.
  7. Need help with wall jumping logic

    FIXED: Made a method and anytime the player isn't grounded and the raycast is hitting an object the method is called. Seems to work fine so far.
  8. Need help with wall jumping logic

    So, I have these if statements and for some reason canWallJump isn't going to false and I can't for the life of me wonder why if (Input.GetButtonDown("Jump") && !grounded && hit.collider != null) { canWallJump = true; if (canWallJump) { Debug.Log("Wall Jumped Yo!"); Flip(); GetComponent<Rigidbody2D>().velocity = new Vector2(3.0f * hit.normal.x, maxSpeed); } else if(canWallJump && hit.collider == null) { if (grounded) { canWallJump = false; } } }
  9. Free Models provided by Google

    https://poly.google.com Check this out, pretty sweet!
  10. First of all you have 1 post, you joined last year So obviously you've just been leeching. And now you want a download for a tutorial? Tutorials are made to learn from. If you're just downloading shit all over the place what's the point of even trying to make a game if you don't want to put in the work? Edit: This thread is also FOUR years old.
  11. Instant Multiplayer Kit

    It's 3 years old bud, That happens.
  12. Scripting help

    Lucian, Bud. Yes that's a very stupid question. Quick answer, No.
  13. Photon Turn Based ?

    Photon turn based is not a product anymore. http://forum.photonengine.com/discussion/7766/photon-turnbased-merges-into-photon-realtime-on-may-25th-2016
  14. Login UI (PSD TEMPLATE) - 3

    Thanks man, It looks horrible in game view. No clue how to properly use anchors lol
  15. Login UI (PSD TEMPLATE) - 3

    Was just trying to make some quick animations to see how it looked. Mess with it, Yes I realize it's ugly. Stupidmenu.unitypackage