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  1. Hi everyone are there any tutorials that tell me how to use the FPS Scripts like the Advanced weapon script and more if there are please tell me how i can find them. Thanks In Advance.....
  2. btw its not a 3rd person game its a FPS game first person NOT THIRD.
  3. no no i want to know the script for when the player is moving the the animation will play and when the character stops moving the animation will stop playing.
  4. Hi everyone i want to know how i can make the character play a walk animation for when he walks i want to know the script for it can someone please help me Thanks In Advance....
  5. And What will be the script for calling the Walk animation for when i walk.
  6. just one thing for that script i want to make the fire animation play over and over like looping how can i do that for when i hold the mouse button not press it.
  7. thanks man i realy love you (IM NOT GAY) but like i mean it like ur da best there ever is.
  8. I know the tutorials and basics mann i want to know the script and no i do not want to use the FPS KIT or any other kit.
  9. hi everyone i need help i want to know the script for when i HHOOLLDD the Mouse button and the shoot animation plays really really fast im trying to do it but i have no idea for what to do by the way i already have the weapon setup and Animtion just need the script. Thanks In Advance.....
  10. I am using your script the animation manager one and i want to play it as a idle animation and for when i walk i want the walk animation to play how can i do it.
  11. but theres one problem what do i have to put for the "you moving" part i mean like do i have to replace it with another word or leave it as is.
  13. Hi Everyone I Need urgent help i really really need a script to play the idle animation for a weapon wheniim not moiving or doing anything i have already animated it i just need the script so please anyone help me with it. THANKS IN ADVANCE.....
  14. HI everyone i need help urgently, i have a weapon the FAMAS already setup with the animations setup ( I USED OMA'S SCRIPT ) everything is finished i just need to know hot to play the weapon idle animation for when i am not doing anything wiht the weapon i have the idle animated in max already but how do i set it up to play in unity3d PLEASE HELPP. THANKS IN ADVANCE.
  15. Hi Everyone I Need help please, im trying to make my weapon play the Shooting animation over and over for WHEN I HOLD the mouse button but i dont know how to do it so please help me. Thanks In Advance...
  16. Its nothing to do with imagination its about knowledge and Understanding
  17. Hi everyone i need help. I am trying to import a video made in after effects its actually an intro to the game and i want to import it into unity3d so i can show it in my game but i am having trouble importing it can anyone please please please help me. Thanks In Advance
  18. Hi everyone i need help i want to display the amount of clips and ammo i have for a fps in GUI text any ideas Please HELP ME Thanks In Advance!!!
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