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  1. still have a lot to improve, but I can make sure I'm doing my best and I'm not wearing any project as a base.
  2. Hello everyone, I am here to introduce a set of phungmon, currently done by two people, a beta of a future game hope it is great .It was something that took a lot of work, hope you enjoy. Black Sun is a shooting game in first person, which is only killing the opposing team, you can level up and gain weapons. Game'll be available tomorrow. Teaser : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2RuSRsyHUQg www.blacksungame.com.br Facebook: https://goo.gl/aINZEC Twitter: https://goo.gl/pKGNOX Youtube: https://goo.gl/XrDesr
  3. atilano1

    20,550 be 20,000

    Can you give me an example?
  4. atilano1

    20,550 be 20,000

    it is possible to remove the hundred an int and leave him a thousand? I want 20550 becomes 20000. I want this int never have hundreds. it's possible?
  5. atilano1

    terrain shadows

    Well guys, I have a problem with the shadows of my terrain, he is not generating shadows, but whenever I go to lightmapping tab and push the button clear, but when I leave the tab the shadows disappear, I'm sure the problem comes from lightmapping but so far I could not identify What's going on. no tab : after opening the tab : so is until I give play to load the scenario again this problem happens in all terrains, not only this.
  6. atilano1


    Como faço pra adicionar 2 materiais em um renderer, exemplo : material1 = new Material; material2 = new Material; rend.materials[0] = material1; rend.materials[1] = material2; I tried using the materials [] but did not work.
  7. atilano1

    Photon error

    good, since I could just put the script in the same folder punTeams, thanks for attention
  8. atilano1

    Photon error

    line in script PhotonNetwork.player.SetTeam(PunTeams.Team.blue); Error : Error CS1061 : Type `PhotonPlayer` does not contain a definition for `SetTeam` of type `PhotonPlayer` could be found (are you missing a using directive or assembly reference?)
  9. atilano1

    php not adding

    good, when I try to add coins to the database, it simply meda one print of how many coins are being added and not the sum total, and also does not add in database <?php $user = $_REQUEST['user']; $Valor = $_REQUEST['valor']; $con = mysql_connect("$hostname","$user","$password") or ("Cannot connect!" . mysql_error()); if (!$con) die('Could not connect: ' . mysql_error()); mysql_select_db("a6575934_unity" , $con) or die ("could not load the database" . mysql_error()); //$code = "SELECT * FROM unitygame user WHERE user='$user'"; $code = "SELECT * FROM unitygame WHERE `user`='".$user."'"; $ext = mysql_query($code); if($ln = mysql_fetch_array($ext)){ $moedasTotal = $ln['moedas'] + $Valor; $code_insirir = "UPDATE user SET moedas='$moedasTotal' WHERE user='$user'"; $ext_in = mysql_query($code_insirir); print $moedasTotal; } ?>
  10. atilano1

    A little problem

    Tell him put them on its own
  11. I wonder how do I wait for the time to answer the internet, an example: I give a shot, the other player takes 0:01 seconds to receive. how do I get the player who made the shot wait for the same time? considering that both players are with the same latency
  12. atilano1


    javascript is just an example, for connections scripts I always use C #
  13. atilano1


    have some form of access 2 texts from a php script. example: <?PHP echo ("Hello World!"); echo ("Hello"); ?> var textone : String; var texttwo : String; text one would take the first line and the text two would take the second line of php code, it is possible to do this?
  14. atilano1

    Raycast hit

    Thank you, will help a lot
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