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  1. Hi There ! I'm wondering how much does AU managers pay for the domain and the hosting of armedunity.com? I know this is not my business but I would like to help with some tricks and tips that I learnt to reduce the ammount spent on hosting ! If you hesitate to post numbers you can talk to me in PM ! Thanks & Have a nice day
  2. B13story

    I'm Back!

    Yea i do agree! HS not just sucks but.... anyway thanks for the kind salutation Thanks Ohoo dannyyy Thank you man! Majestiiiic thank youu bro! and yea it was a long time! how are you?!! lol
  3. B13story

    Left Alone

    Impressing logo and a great game! keep up the good work
  4. Great work! but first keep in mind that helicopter helice usually goes very fast until you can't see it turns! also i see that when the guy jumped from it the helicopter took a long time to land and it landed normally while it should sway from right to left until it reaches the ground when there's no one in control. Secondly helicopter takes-off only when there's a full throttle! but in your game you took-off before it does! so to fix that you must sync between sound and the actual take-off.
  5. B13story

    I'm Back!

    Hahaha at least i know you taichiu how are you?
  6. I don't know! what about yours?

  7. B13story

    I'm Back!

    Hey guys! I'm finally back after finishing high school, i will be available on Armed Unity again! It was a long time i didn't login here! so what's new? how is it going? I'm currently planning to start my own project but i have no idea what to do or from where to start, everyday i discover something new that can be useful in game development. I hope you are fine and i'm excited to see your creations! Cheers!!
  8. I just checked in :)

  9. It's million not billion sorry for my mistake..
  10. Hello guys! GTA V is coming this september 17, and it's the best open world game available for the moment that's why people are pre-ordering it to get early access but what about it's development cost? how much did Rockstar spend to develop this game? Well, the answer will be shocking for some people and will be unbelievable for others. Rockstar Games spent about 265$ Million in marketing & development of GTA V!!! Which makes it the most expensive game ever made and compared to Hollywood movies GTA V occupies the second place after Pirates of the caribbean; At world's end, 300$ Million. Analysts think that Rockstar will restore the money from pre-orders in the US only.. After knowing the real cost of GTA V what's your thoughts guys?
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