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  1. roderick433

    AI and sight

    AI today it's really important. That's why I want to ask you: What's is the method that you would use to add sight to an enemy? In my game, the enemy is a guard, I want to detect the player if seen. I've watched many tutorials, and ways to achieve this, however I do not know the "best practices". Thanks in advance!
  2. SOLVED OcularCash Told me to use mixamo auto Rig, and it worked wonderfully! Thanks @OcularCash!! <3
  3. Hi! It's been a while. I'm working now on a project, and in the making of the character, I've encountered a rig problem. I've attached the image with the problem. I've tried to use weight painting, but it has no effect, also tried to change de vertex group, but also had no effect. This is how it looks without movement
  4. thanks a lot! you guys are really good people, happy new year and keep helping people like this
  5. I know c#, but as you can see, I don't practice too much, so I have forgotten almost everything that I knew, but thanks a lot I will test it Pd: why do you use "out hit"? because when I'm writing the script It doesn't say that I have put that
  6. Yes i did, is tagged as "concrete" i will add an image I tagged everything manually before posting the topic
  7. Hello guys! i'm making a very little shotscript for my game, and i'm having some trouble... I don't know if it's a raycast problem or a tag problem. this is my code: using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; public class Shoot : MonoBehaviour { public GunScript gunData; //for later use void Update () { RaycastHit hit; Vector3 fwd = transform.TransformDirection(Vector3.forward); //a little shortcut if(Input.GetButton("Fire1")&& Physics.Raycast(transform.position, fwd, 1000)){ // the distance of the raycast is temporal, suggestions are always welcome! Debug.Log("We have shot" + transform.tag); Debug.DrawRay(transform.position, fwd, Color.red); //IMPORTANT: the ray draws jist a little bit, will add an image below /*if(hit.transform.tag == "Concrete"){ //for later use //disabled by now, will enter something here when the problem is solved } */ } } } As you can see, it doesn't detect the tag, it says "Untagged" :c
  8. What says the error? PD: you can insert code from the editing panel
  9. If i have time, i will try to texture it with Ddo
  10. I learned how to use RPC's, but I have no idea how to do global variables...
  11. Well, i know this is a noob question, but how do i use global variables in PUN? Example: Team scores, Room countdowns, match timers, etc. I was thinking about RCPs but i don't have experience with them... Thanks in Advance!
  12. WHAT THE HECK? Well, i was adding some new quality settings for my options menu in the game. But, when I enable to the player to change the anisotropic filtering state (enabled, disabled), the graphics are lower, even if i change to higher, lower, it's the same quality! The code: var antialiasing : int = 0; //actual antialiasing level var vsynclevel : int = 0; //vSync counts var anisotropic : boolean = false; //anisotropic is enabled? var blendweights : int = 1;//blendweights settings function Start(){ blendweights = QualitySettings.blendWeights; vsynclevel = QualitySettings.vSyncCount; antialiasing = QualitySettings.antiAliasing; graphicsQuality = QualitySettings.GetQualityLevel (); } function Update(){ if(antialiasing == 1){ antialiasing = 2; } if(antialiasing == 3){ antialiasing = 4; } if(antialiasing == 5){ antialiasing = 8; } if(antialiasing == 6){ antialiasing = 8; } if(antialiasing == 7){ antialiasing = 8; } if(blendweights == 3){ blendweights = 4; } } function OnGUI(){ if (GUI.Button (Rect (256,halfheight-120,512,60), "Multiplayer")) { //start searching a multiplayer match } if (GUI.Button (Rect (256,halfheight-55,512,60), "Options")) { optionsOn = !optionsOn; //set options to the inverse (if it's in true, set to false, if it's in false set to true) } if (GUI.Button (Rect (256,halfheight+10,512,60), "Credits")) { //show the credits } if (!optionsOn){ return; //nothing happens } else{ GUI.Box(Rect(818, halfheight-256, 500, 400), "Options"); //show options if(GUI.Button(Rect(830, halfheight-235, 160, 40), "Graphics")){ graphics = true; //show the graphics menu controls = false; //hide the controls menu } if(GUI.Button(Rect(1000, halfheight-235, 160, 40), "Controls")){ graphics = false; //show the graphics menu controls = true; //hide the controls menu } if (!graphics){ return; //nothing happens } else{ //General Quality settings GUI.BeginGroup(Rect(830, halfheight-170, 380, 20)); GUI.Box(Rect(0,0,380, 20),""); graphicsQuality = GUI.HorizontalSlider(Rect(190,5,180, 60), graphicsQuality, 1, 6);//here, the user sets quality GUI.Label(Rect(10,0, 180, 60),"Actual graphics settings: " + graphicsQuality); //the label that says what is the actual quality setting GUI.EndGroup (); //125 blendweitgh settings GUI.BeginGroup(Rect(830, halfheight-125, 380, 20)); GUI.Box(Rect(0,0, 380, 20),""); blendweights = GUI.HorizontalSlider(Rect(190,5,180,60), blendweights, 1,4); GUI.Label(Rect(10, 0, 180, 60), "Actual blend weigths: "+ blendweights); GUI.EndGroup(); //antialiasing settings ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GUI.BeginGroup(Rect(830, halfheight-80, 385, 20)); GUI.Box(Rect(0,0,385,20),""); antialiasing = GUI.HorizontalSlider(Rect(195, 5, 180, 60), antialiasing, 0, 8); GUI.Label(Rect(5, 0, 180, 60),"Actual antialiasing level: " + antialiasing + "x"); //the label that says what is the actual quality setting GUI.EndGroup (); //vSync settings GUI.BeginGroup(Rect(830, halfheight-35, 385, 20)); GUI.Box(Rect(0,0,385,20),""); vsynclevel = GUI.HorizontalSlider(Rect(195, 5, 180, 60), vsynclevel, 0, 2); GUI.Label(Rect(5, 0, 180, 60),"Actual vSync counts: " + vsynclevel); //the label that says what is the actual quality setting GUI.EndGroup (); //anisotropic filetring settings GUI.BeginGroup(Rect(830, halfheight+10, 385, 60)); GUI.Box(Rect(0,0,385,60),""); if(anisotropic == false){ if(GUI.Button(Rect(195, 10, 180, 40), "enable")){ anisotropic = true; } } else{ if(GUI.Button(Rect(195, 10, 180, 40), "disable")){ anisotropic = false; } } GUI.Label(Rect(5, 20, 180, 60),"Anisotropic filetring: "); //the label that says what is the actual quality setting GUI.EndGroup (); //this is for aply changes if(GUI.Button(Rect(840,halfheight+80, 180, 60), "Save Changes")){ if(graphicsQuality != QualityLevel){ QualitySettings.SetQualityLevel(graphicsQuality, true); } if(antialiasing != QualitySettings.antiAliasing){ QualitySettings.antiAliasing = antialiasing; } if(vsynclevel != QualitySettings.vSyncCount){ QualitySettings.vSyncCount = vsynclevel; } if(anisotropic == true){ //HERE IS THE PROBLEM QualitySettings.anisotropicFiltering = AnisotropicFiltering.Enable; } else{ QualitySettings.anisotropicFiltering = AnisotropicFiltering.Disable; } //HERE ENDS THE PROBLEM if(blendweights != QualitySettings.blendWeights){ QualitySettings.blendWeights = blendweights; } } } } } Screenshots: Also, any tip works!
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