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  1. It says nicely subscribe for updates. We have all rights to use that image.
  2. Our website is up and running: http://theundead.tk/ If anyone wants, go and subscribe for updates. (No spam ofc)
  3. Izgleda da smo samo ti i ja ovdje
  4. got it fixed, the model doesnt have 58000 polys, its some kind of bug, after i press 7 again to show poly count again, it says only 580 polys, lolz my bad. And i have them set to 3 cuz it looks better, then with 1. Case closed.
  5. Nope bro, more poly means higher quality, if i lower poly count you will be able to see edges of guns, n shit, and we dont want that, do we?
  6. Curently working on M37 Shotgun: http://gyazo.com/bc6e5e1fb1e45d12c2094ef5bcb8ba3a Will update more, as i progress with gun.
  7. yeah. We just have to be careful now, not to make it too op. lol
  8. Nope bro, i think its perfect now, iv looked trough some videos including minigun, and size is okay now.
  9. There you go: http://gyazo.com/c884673eb5ea45c4276b371d744ef120 Scaled it down a bit, and now its ready to shred some bastards to pieces lol
  10. I actualy did that. I scaled the gun down and now it looks normal lol.
  11. Boat finished, including a devastating minigun (cant wait to try it in-game): http://gyazo.com/00aff4c84fc682350f7f1faeb5af393d
  12. Nope bro, it was just the wrong angle for taking screenshot.
  13. Its not low poly trust me, looks a hell lot better rendered. You know man that all my models are high poly.
  14. Another update: I started working on a boat for the game, so we can replace existing one.
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