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  1. pooploser96


    The amount of google chrome tabs in the background tho...
  2. Ok please update this post. There is color tools on these forums and size. Make like a title and some description of what you need. Dont say "For more information contact me" because no one will contact if you dont have information for them to think there is potential in this game. Say what you need, and the team members you have, what you want your end goal to be. Also make sure there is some screenshots or good description so they think. "Hmmm this looks like it has potential"
  3. Yea when i helped make a launcher for a game that will be released soon, it just said on the side in a box "A update is available" and there was a download option if you wanted to update it.
  4. +Glock 18 +Glock 18 MP4 Shooting and reloading review +Glock 18 Basic Screenshot
  5. UPDATED. +New player model. +Hand Textures. +Added Spoilers to the pictures.
  6. Does it update when you click start? or do you have to click the update button?
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