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  1. Does this require pro because it don't work for me
  2. Another free character I made today just for the armedunity community I was going for an apocalyptic looking mobster but wasn't trying to do to much detail since this is free Polycount: under 10,000 tris DOWNLOAD LINK https://mega.co.nz/#!DMFxjaJY!X70GMh93KzWlqIotGOJWYGGnlLUmvs5m1pgX-FCmHcU
  3. sure you can do whatever you want with it
  4. This is a Rigged horror character I made in about a total of 8 hours, just for the armedunity community I got kinnda lazy I just wanted to hurry up and finish, but anyways here it is Polycount is under 10,000 tris DOWNLOAD LINK https://mega.co.nz/#!nIshnI7b!feB5TQWMZeKBNrrwF0P9dDAgQohJKdWlgX5qRV_2Ny8
  5. Visionary Creations

    How to

    hey everyone I need a little bit of help, this is what I need, I want to display the Distance of an object and the hit tags of what im aiming at, kinda like what they did in that GTA 3rd person controller by jas bogan "I think he made it not sure", can anyone please help me -Thank you so much
  6. No I figured it out I had the scene view in "light map resolution" all I had to do was change it back to "texture" but thanks anyways!
  7. ok this is just really annoying, I did something and I don't know what but now when im in scene view their is black and white checkers covering the terrain how do I turn this off?
  8. lol were working on a new trailer as of now, thanks for your opinions!
  9. what do you mean the game or the video? cause the game runs smooth as a babys bottom! lol
  10. I updated this post with a very short Teaser trailer it dont show much but o well
  11. Hello everyone, i know this is simple but i just cant get it to work! i want to post a video on a topic i made, but when i try it just post the link not the video, i pasted the embeded code but when i submit the post it dont show the video? please help me!!! -Thanks, VC
  12. i wonder if you can change spoiler to open? [open](Insert hidden text here)[/open] ]
  13. can you add spoilers inside of spoliers do you know?
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