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  1. I think themars is right. It probably happens because you haven't disabled the camera on the player over the net. Example on a script : if(networkView.isMine) //enable camera, else disable. if(photonView.isMine) is probably for photon...
  2. Continuing off from YoungDeveloper: To make the selection option, you then have a GUI.Button at start saying ("Team Red") or ("Team Blue"). And in that button you then send a RPC to all. //the GUI that decides what team the player will be in void OnGUI(){ if (GUI.Button(new Rect(10, 70, 100, 30), "Team Red")){ //Red Team networkView.RPC("TeamSelection", RPCMode.AllBuffered, 1); } } [RPC] public void TeamSelection(int team){ if(int == 1){ //here you figure out that he is in the red team } }
  3. Yes, I agree with gecko. Start by reading/looking up tutorials. But for the modify speed: Locate your zombie Ai or beast prefab and in the inspector view there should be a script called Ai with a variable called "Move Speed". There should be a number of that variable representing the speed of the Ai. Hope you could understand!
  4. Hello! Welcome to the forums! Anime? Like Japanese anime/manga? I love that
  5. Try to load up another project and see if it's the same. If it is, then check if you have any Anti-Virus that might block it. I've heard that bitdefender causes freezing for unity...
  6. I don't think that might be the case. It may be that you have a script that causes the freeze after so many seconds? It can also be on how many objects/information you have in the scene which causes the editor to hang... But do you get any error at all? Can you use your computer while it's freezed or it's only the Unity Editor that freezes?
  7. Does the actual level load so you could see anything or it's stuck during the "loading screen"?
  8. I think that you might need Unity Pro... http://docs.unity3d.com/Documentation/ScriptReference/Application.LoadLevelAsync.html This feature "LoadLevelAsync" is a background loading that won't make the game "freeze" like when loading a level. So like, when you click the level you're going to play then you could call this feature to load everything in the background so when you start the game, everything will be loaded. Like said in the description : "Unity will completely load all assets and all objects in the scene in a background loading thread. This allows you to load new levels while still playing the current one, show a progress bar or create a completely streaming world where you constantly load and unload different parts of the world based on the player position, without any hiccups in game play."
  9. Is there a reason why not? Maybe you will summon those evil spirits that your brain makes you imagine?
  10. Hello there! So as you probably may know that I am a "super-fan" of horror and creepy stories/stuff. So I thought I'd share some of the creepypasta's/reddit stories that I've read online for some time ago that is both creepy and/or scary! And if you'd like, you could then post your creepy story that you've found or created! Enjoy! Take note that these stories might get people paranoid if you're not used to these stuff, so I recommend that if you're easy scared and don't like scary stuff then don't click the links for the stories because some of them might have creepy pictures! And if you aren't scared and so... then continue on! The Rake The Disappearance of Ashley, Kansas The Face in the Middle of the Dark The Text (short) I found a cellphone on the train and now I think I might be in trouble (a series, you gotta click on "Day Two" or "Day Three" depending on what day you are to continue the story!) Creepy short picture story Another short creepy story
  11. Well the thing is that there's not many ideas left in for making games... Sorta like Hollywood is doing nowadays'... They copy the idea(s) of another movie and make a success! But I agree, FPS games look really identical to each other now. Example, like my game... I have parkour + building mechanics in my game and shooting techniques. But there´s the thing that people look into FPS and directly says it´s a CoD-clone. They are partially right but there´s not much you could add into games... Except Titanfall, that game is awesome and has new techniques
  12. I guess. Because you're not limited to use with particles in the free version I believe... And to the video: basic but yet effective like @Connor said!
  13. "Semen is not only rich in vitamin "E" but it is a natural lubricant that moisturizes the skin and causes it to glow. The reported 'salty' taste is from ammonia salts picked up from the urethra, these salts are very effective at de-greasing as well as having anti-bacterial properties. However, it also has a very distinct odor of musk which may be undesirable." Source: Wiki Answers Mature text in spoiler!:
  14. Welcome to the forums! And 20 years?! Same question as @DarkChaos... You'll experience magic with the possibilities you have with Unity! And with so long time programming, I think you're going to get along with the program quite quick! Good luck in the future!
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