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  1. yes i understand ... i bake normal map from high poly to low poly
  2. ok thx i will try ... on the glock i made 1 by one squares on the grip i didnt know the array modifier
  3. here it is my first (click on image to view better resolution) " " and second " " " " glock is 1600 poly colt is 2000 poly the models still needs some work on textures and iff someone needs some models leave a post with what u need and il see what i can do
  4. Very nice looking game ...The best enviroment i have seen so far
  5. very good for the first model but i think that for that quality there are too much faces >Verts: 3750 >Faces: 3054 >Tris: 5220 ... this could be done easy with 1000 faces or less
  6. Looks good for your first... in the future try to add more poligons and play a little bit with the smooth shading and edge split modifier
  7. looks nice but the weapon looks too big ... it covers half of the screen
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