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  1. Funny that you think this is a comparision.
  2. I never sayed that I compare Unity vs Unreal...
  3. Materials in UE4 are very complex. You can create a simpel Material where you just setup your Color and Normal Map wich will lock like this: Or you can create a very complex Material wich could look like this: But every Material will start and end with this: Next time you all will hate me because I tell you that the Unity Network Tools like Photon, Bolt or the Default one are all crap and the UE4 Network System is better, easier and faster than all of them together.
  4. Hey guys, I started learning UE4 3Days ago an i started this topic to show you my progress and differents between unreal and unity. One of the biggest differents between UE4 and Unity is that you can create a game in UE4 without writing a singel line of code because UE4 is based on Visual Scripting (BluePrints). In UE4 you use Blueprints(BP) for everything. You want to create a Material? You have to create a BP. You want to animate your Char? You have to create a BP. This is the Event BP to set the Player Direction and Speed for the Animation BP: This is the Animation BP (very similar to the Unity Animator): Each Part of the Animation BP is also a BP where you can set Single Animations or BlendSpaces. This is the Run BlandSpace Animation: And this is all you need to setup a full Animated Character without a singel line of code. Next Part will be materials.
  5. Dergo

    Guns that i made

    You need to setup smoothing groups before you render your maps Your pistol would look much better with smoothing.
  6. You should learn something about smoothing and how to render normal maps.
  7. Dergo


    Polys: 2561 Verts: 2596
  8. Dergo


    Unity Asset Store to slow The M416 and QBB will be able to buy soon! Discount codes for Armedunity inc.
  9. Dergo


    My new gun
  10. Dergo

    HK 416

    Yes I will release it in the assetstore And I was born on the 27. August
  11. Dergo

    HK 416

    Scopes are separate models this is just the gun
  12. Dergo

    HK 416

    This is my new weapon
  13. Dergo


    You need more Datails, better Textures and you need to setup smoothing groups. And can I see the UVMap?
  14. You have to find this menu I'm a 3Ds max user so I can't help you much.
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