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  1. Pixeland resources

    Some proper inspirational videos, especially Emmy Johannsen's talk about Marketing Indie Games on a $0 Budget. Amazing!
  2. Nice game ramiam. I'm Isaak, a hobby indie programmer. I admire the 'from scratch' you added in the title, it's good to know haha. Your game definitely looks aesthetically pleasing and professional. I like watching when people submit youtube videos of their game, but sometimes get bored because it takes so long until we see the actual gameplay. Anyways, keep posting about your game, and don't give up. Raise awareness and scale it up. Cheers
  3. Ghoulie's Dungeon

    You guys are awesome! Wow, it looks fantastic. Not too sure about the game name, a bit boring for my taste, be a bit more unique. The aesthetics are great and it looks professional and fun to play. Keep posting on Twitter about your updates and raise awareness as much as possible. I followed you
  4. 2D Rendering Fix

    Well in this case you probably have the explosion gameobject nested in the player's transform hierarchy, which is why it is rendered as the player rotates 180 degrees. You need to separate the explosion gameobject from the player and use a script to manually position it above the character. This 'follow' script is simple to write and easy to find on the internet. Hope this helps
  5. Simmer.io (new web hosting site)

    Read that 300 slide presentation and fell in love 😍 This platform is the best so far!
  6. Photon

    Well from reading the latest Photon api here: http://doc-api.photonengine.com/en/PUN/current/ so please use it before you post questions. Anyways, getting more network info (bytes sent and received, etc...) can all be parsed with a slight overhead out of the following: // NetworkStatisticsEnabled must be set to true, in order for stats // PhotonNetwork.NetworkStatisticsEnabled = true; static string PhotonNetwork.NetworkStatisticsToString() In addition you can receive a 'server timestamp' which could help getting that 'server load' you're hopefully looking for. This value for some reason goes negative for some reason. Unless it's simply the framerate you're looking for which in that case just use: // Server load PhotonNetwork.ServerTimestamp; // Client load Application.framerate Wish you could've been slightly more descriptive on what you're looking for
  7. Frame Recorder by Unity

    Always good so have some free opensource projects out there to not only use.. but to learn from
  8. Hey guys its Isaak here! I was working on a polygon reduction plugin for unity, but i got bored and tried to see what would happen if I manipulated each vertex in a mesh using the Mathf.Sin function. And I ended up with this: A smooth wave that works seamlessly with Unity; Plus it performs very well, and don't be put off by the framerate only staying at 70 as it continues to stay at 70 when duplicating the mesh above 100 times. How well does this script perform? The performance obviously lies behind 2 main factors: The shader used on the mesh. The image above used Unity's new Reflective shader, but works perfectly well with any other shader, including transparent or translucent. The number of verticies. This mesh is a plane, and thus wouldn't have as many vertices as a high poly character. This script could probably withstand 250 000 verticies. How to get it? How to use this script? Drag this script onto any GameObject with a MeshRenderer component attached (e.g. any 3d model basically), and press play! What variables to mess around with? Wave Speed - Just like you learnt back in high school, waves have a velocity, and yup... you guessed it... makes the waves flow faster. Wave Amplitude - Amplitude means how high and low the wave will be. Wave Length - Equivalent towards lambda in wave physics. TickFrequency - How many seconds to await for next update. In other words, despite performance, how smooth you want your wave to be. *NEW* Noise - Adds harmonic noise on a second layer to the water, to make it appear bumpy and more realistic What licensing does this code have? I normally like to use the MIT licensing, but as i kind gesture, I'm leaving this snipplet free of charge and of any copyright. You may use this for commercial and/or personal use, as long as you make it look good ( ). Have fun guys! How to fix waves that lag or appear to be choppy? Make sure you have set the TickFrequency variable for the script to a low value, ensuring fast update times. Set to 0 for smoothest results possible. Any other uses for this script? Yes! A Flag came first to my mind, plus nobody knows how to use the complicated cloth renderer first time, with wind and all that stuff. In this case, beginners just drag this script over a mesh and your done.
  9. LudumDare 39th

    I'll be competing in this competition, although this time I'm NOT using Unity for once haha. The surprise alternative for me is Corona SDK following the added competition they offered joint with LudumDare39. https://coronalabs.com/blog/2017/07/24/coronadefoldjam-begins-july-28th/ Yea I have not a clue on what to do with the theme too Geckoo haha: Running out of power. I guess you could have a game where the player is draining a lightbulb as he plays (horror/slender games?) and requires strategic thinking in order to win or finish the game. Every game needs a goal as well as a motive to play. The goal is the hard part in this case, we already have our motive -- litterally running out of power. TL;DR: If you're starting late like me... just go for a simple runner game
  10. [REALISTIC] Water Effect Script

    Thanks Athlor, it's a great free effect I know. Why don't you tell us what you're using it for? I'm Isaak by the way
  11. Hey it's Isaak, ArmedUnity moderator bringing you a quality made asset made to speed up your workflow. Are you looking for the ultimate 2D tool that transforms and optimizes your images into layered 3D? Then you've found the right asset, it's called the 2D to 3D Converter and is now available on the Unity Asset Store! Check it out now!
  12. Unity chess project

    If you're interested in a chess project, or simply playing a chess game I made one last year called Stupid Chess https://myisaak.itch.io/stupid-chess. I like chess, so if you're like me, feel free to private message me
  13. AU Core Game Engine

    Okay invite my email them please isaak.eriksson@gmail.com
  14. AU Core Game Engine

    Added Travis CI integration as a pull request
  15. AU Core Game Engine

    Added an Apache Ant installer + linux natives as a pull request. Couldn't compile the CoreComponent without a shader error saying: 0(1) : error C0206: invalid token "core" in version line res/Shaders/CoreVertex.txt could not compile. Make sure that uv's are included in file Java Result: 255
  16. AU Core Game Engine

    Could you perhaps write some instructions on compiling and executing from source (without IDE) the Engine in the GitHub readme.
  17. AU Core Game Engine

    Could you perhaps write some instructions on compiling the Engine in the GitHub readme.
  18. AU Core Game Engine

    Still waiting for a GitHub version...
  19. PlanB (FPS Project)

    I like the "current progress : 5℅ done" bit haha
  20. Help with art-style (casino theme)

    The model looks pleasing and the colors as well! Great job! Try adding a cartoon outline shader.
  21. Stroke (FPS Project)

    This looks amazing!