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  1. MyIsaak

    Unity 2019.1

    Perhaps the performance has to do with Unity's Burst Compiler that takes C# and compiles it directly to Assembly. What freaks me out about this is that they remove the garbage collector, a tool to avoid memory leaks. You should check out their Burst Inspector to find out performance enhancements.
  2. Looking forward to it @UnityGamesRoland
  3. Are you using reliable or unreliable data transfer? Not bad 108 bytes/packet with 20 per second makes 2KB/second or 16Kbs per player. Rule of thumb is to have at max 3Mbs download speed to compensate for the countries with low internet speed. So you could attain about 150-200 players driving cars with your implementation. Have you tried to benchmark with limited internet speed? Also, are you planing on selling this as a unity asset or releasing it for free?
  4. MyIsaak


    @Gaze is totally right about there being no difference in performance since its a fixed size data type of 32 bits. What about 64 bit double? I tested it out with a mono compiler and got an unexpected result: double performs x3 faster than float. My test uses the Mono C# compiler which is the same one used in Unity. Please check it out https://repl.it/@MyIsaak/MathPI-PerformanceTest I then did a test on my own computer with an Intel i5 6th gen processor and found that there was no difference. This is probably due to CPU level optimizations: Probably anyone who plays videogames has a modern CPU with these kinds of optimizations so floats vs double really don't matter. This answer puts more detail into optimizations https://stackoverflow.com/a/3426234
  5. MyIsaak

    44th LudumDare

    Even though its a clone it is very fun! You should continue developing it into a full game. I thought of an idea where perhaps you can use that marching cubes background from your main menu instead of hexagons. Or add powerups to slow down time momentarily. I wonder what Super Hexagon would be like in 3D? Congratulations on your game submit geckoo!
  6. Hey Zero, your kit looks awesome! How much are you releasing it for?
  7. Look... you're making a game that has already been made before... what's so unique about that? The reason I say unique is because that's what you should aim for in the 'indie' game community, not mainstream 'zombie' 'shooter'. Perhaps you should reconsider your whole '2019' plan for this 'one' game, you have big vision but no plan: start planning. Also, rule number one about donations: when people donate to a project they like, they also donate to a 'team' they like and trust. Your website isn't professional (looks good until you read it) I think you shouldn't kill your web developer, but become a game developer by the same way you probably made a website when you were younger: You LEARN before you EARN. Trust me, people are more likely to help you and be nicer to you if you show you're in a 'learning' stage, rather than a 'money-stealing let's make a AAA-game and get rich quick' stage (unless you're talented enough to know and prove what you're doing). Why are you making zombie survival fps shooter in the first place? Money? Fame? Don't do this. You should get more creative, artistic, that's what 'game creation' is all about. Look at this video about successful games made by one person, can you see a single FPS in there? NO (unless your OneManArmy ), because it requires too many assets or too much code to be a 'one man army'. Hence why you got a FPS kit... This is where the 'planning' part comes in. You're not the only one like this, there are hundreds, if not thousands (by the number of downloads of kits) and I'm even wondering why there are these kit... it's a humiliating trap for beginners made only because it attracts people to this forum (ehem...). The only guy who had 'some' success out of fps kits is this guy who cloned armedunity and the fps kit: the forum you're on now. It's business, not education. Being in a 'game development community' is important nevertheless, since you learn from others. There are quite a few people on this forum that are seriously talented, some helpful enough to release tips and tricks to further improve abilities for any game developer. Another tip is to stay simple, even if it doesn't look like much, focus on getting those fun elements the way YOU want them to be. Make it personal and get attached to it. Fall in love with it if you have to, and most importantly, don't care what others think. Please, I hope I'm not wasting my time writing this for you guys to hate me. I know your English isn't perfect (from your 'professional' website) but I hope you understand what I'm saying. If not, I am open to a friendly chat, skype, discord or email. As I said before, first you learn then you earn.
  8. Ah wait he said he uses Final IK
  9. The physics-based character in the link you provided looks interesting, however I asked him for some pointers which he replied he DIDN'T use any assets at all: talent or fraud? So I checkout his Reddit page and a few of his posts, and he simply uses a IK rig and Bezier curves for his leg animations. His post on /u/Unity3d explains how he did it, with learning resources.
  10. Have you guys seen this made by Makan_Gilani? This is what good game design like: - Element of fear/thrill (important) - Dynamic IK movement - Procedural (scripted) animations - Camera shaking (motion blur) - Destructable environment - (no sound? but imagine what it would be like with sound) The creator said he'll release a public demo soon so I recommend you follow his twitter: https://twitter.com/Makan_Gilani He also previously posted a similar demo: All #MadeWithUnity
  11. MyIsaak

    Unity Forge

    Well first you should get yourself familiar with the overall structure of networking (not the OSI model it's obsolete) known as TCP/IP model that has four layers with each layer that depends on it's lower layer. Focus on the Transport layer that handles TCP and UDP (UDP is faster than TCP because of ACK header removal) in order to understand the fundamentals of a network 'connection' between two computers. There are limitations in the Transport layer (e.g missing packets) that are fixed in the Application layer (e.g reliable packets) but counteract performance. As a plus, it would be good to be familiar with a couple of networking terms. I would recommend implementing a UDP connection (sending bytes) between two computers: From .NET we already have an amazing library that holds the UdpClient class using the following in both scripts: using System.Net; using System.Net.Sockets; Server: UdpClient udpServer = new UdpClient(11000); while (true) { var remoteEP = new IPEndPoint(IPAddress.Any, 11000); var data = udpServer.Receive(ref remoteEP); // listen on port 11000 Console.WriteLine("receive data from " + remoteEP.ToString()); udpServer.Send(new byte[] { 1 }, 1, remoteEP); // reply back } Client: var client = new UdpClient(); IPEndPoint ep = new IPEndPoint(IPAddress.Parse(""), 11000); // endpoint where server is listening client.Connect(ep); // send data client.Send(new byte[] { 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 }, 5); // then receive data var receivedData = client.Receive(ref ep); Console.WriteLine("receive data from " + ep.ToString()); Console.Read(); But what I like about Forge is how they do their connections using BMSByte to reduce header size and check out their thread management system, it rocks! I setup a quick repo for those that like to compile C# using terminal here: https://github.com/MyIsaak/c-sharp-scripts Once you're successful with a creating a network connection between two computers, then you can start writing methods and constructs that can simplify you're networking life and boost performance. Follow the footsteps of others in their challenge to network in C#:
  12. MyIsaak

    Unity Forge

    Salut Gekoo, I myself believe Forge is an amazing library written by a talented small team, however I don't think it is maintained anymore (the latest package release was April 14, 2017) which is why they open-sourced towards GitHub's community. Check the list of open issues (currently 40) listing bug errors and what not (I had the same experience a while back). It still is however a beauty when it comes to performance (seriously!!!) with multi-threading and packet forging (where the packet header size minimal). Plus its all written in C# with no external libraries, so it is compatible with most platforms including WebGL's WebSockets. One thing however is the steep learning curve, in my opinion, it took quite a while to adopt because of lack of good documentation and tutorials. I also remember having spent a lot of time debugging some really weird bugs because the parallel code was hard to understand. ( also there are certain classes and methods that I implemented in the wrong way, and I found out the hard way). But as a minimalist, why use a network library with all these features when you can code one yourself :3
  13. Hey Zac, its Isaak. You seem to be getting somewhere with the parkour project. Its a great start, so keep working on it. However, you should really look into using IK (inverse kinematics) for your hands animation. Forward kinematics is used for static (normal) animations, like waving a hand, but IK is used when animation is subject to the environment, like grabbing a object. You can either write your own IK script that calculates the grab position accurately or use the Unity builtin IK: https://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/InverseKinematics.html If you need some help DM me on discord MyIsaak#6024, or email isaak.eriksson@gmail.com, Cheers
  14. Vertigo - 6DOF Multiplayer FPS (Unity) We need your help to finally launch the Vertigo pre-release demo featuring a unique multiplayer 6DOF shooting experience! You’ll soon be able to receive your own copy and become a part of the Vertigo gaming community. Support is needed for testers, modelers and artists - programers aside. Email us to join our team at: unity3dvertigo@gmail.com Read more and follow about Vertigo on the official landing page: https://myisaak.itch.io/vertigo Please share this project to your family and friends on social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc…). You’ll be rewarded with limited-edition Vertigo content once you can refer someone to the pre-alpha. Email us at unity3dvertigo@gmail.com to subscribe for the latest updates including special offers and important updates.
  15. Some proper inspirational videos, especially Emmy Johannsen's talk about Marketing Indie Games on a $0 Budget. Amazing!
  16. Nice game ramiam. I'm Isaak, a hobby indie programmer. I admire the 'from scratch' you added in the title, it's good to know haha. Your game definitely looks aesthetically pleasing and professional. I like watching when people submit youtube videos of their game, but sometimes get bored because it takes so long until we see the actual gameplay. Anyways, keep posting about your game, and don't give up. Raise awareness and scale it up. Cheers
  17. You guys are awesome! Wow, it looks fantastic. Not too sure about the game name, a bit boring for my taste, be a bit more unique. The aesthetics are great and it looks professional and fun to play. Keep posting on Twitter about your updates and raise awareness as much as possible. I followed you
  18. MyIsaak

    2D Rendering Fix

    Well in this case you probably have the explosion gameobject nested in the player's transform hierarchy, which is why it is rendered as the player rotates 180 degrees. You need to separate the explosion gameobject from the player and use a script to manually position it above the character. This 'follow' script is simple to write and easy to find on the internet. Hope this helps
  19. Read that 300 slide presentation and fell in love This platform is the best so far!
  20. MyIsaak


    Well from reading the latest Photon api here: http://doc-api.photonengine.com/en/PUN/current/ so please use it before you post questions. Anyways, getting more network info (bytes sent and received, etc...) can all be parsed with a slight overhead out of the following: // NetworkStatisticsEnabled must be set to true, in order for stats // PhotonNetwork.NetworkStatisticsEnabled = true; static string PhotonNetwork.NetworkStatisticsToString() In addition you can receive a 'server timestamp' which could help getting that 'server load' you're hopefully looking for. This value for some reason goes negative for some reason. Unless it's simply the framerate you're looking for which in that case just use: // Server load PhotonNetwork.ServerTimestamp; // Client load Application.framerate Wish you could've been slightly more descriptive on what you're looking for
  21. Always good so have some free opensource projects out there to not only use.. but to learn from
  22. MyIsaak

    LudumDare 39th

    I'll be competing in this competition, although this time I'm NOT using Unity for once haha. The surprise alternative for me is Corona SDK following the added competition they offered joint with LudumDare39. https://coronalabs.com/blog/2017/07/24/coronadefoldjam-begins-july-28th/ Yea I have not a clue on what to do with the theme too Geckoo haha: Running out of power. I guess you could have a game where the player is draining a lightbulb as he plays (horror/slender games?) and requires strategic thinking in order to win or finish the game. Every game needs a goal as well as a motive to play. The goal is the hard part in this case, we already have our motive -- litterally running out of power. TL;DR: If you're starting late like me... just go for a simple runner game
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