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About Me


Hi, Isaak Eriksson from Luxembourg here. So lemme introduce myself. I'm actually doing an economics bachelors degree at the moment, but programming has always been my hobby. I took payed online courses, google hangout courses, and tought myself how to write in code. C++ brought me to Unreal Engine and worked with it for 3 years. But I never managed to work on a successful game, I just made my own assets to sell to other companies.


Strong vector mathematics

Graphics/Shader Programming

2.5D / 3D experience

Network programming (Unity/uLink)

Mecanim experience

Physics/Flight models/CharacterController

Particle effects (Shuriken)

GUI programming (NGUI, uGUI)

Sound programming

Rapid Prototyping

SVN teamwork proven

Good english skills

Having fun makin' games

as Bonuses:

Oculus Rift experience


I wrote a JavaScript 3D engine that actually uses a mixture of WebKit and CSS3D, to become conpatable with almost any browser. And since it doesn't use DirectX, OpenGL nor WebGL, it's CPU based so works on mobile. Its not a game engine ofcourse, and consists of 3 main classes i wrote myself: Matrix, Vector, amd Quternion, and their still buggy atthe moment. But thats fun part: seeing the most messed up glitches in your rendering and projection. Here is a sample that actually works properly.


I also created my multi threaded voxel engine but I couldn't distribute the source because the multi-threading technology was created with a payed Unity asset. The voxel engine didn't support interpolation of verticies between voxels (still figuring out), so the appearance of the rendering is blocks i.e. Minecraft. The way the player could interact with the voxelized terrain looked amazing: with voxels turning into dynamic rigid bodies per destruction. I heard from somewhere that this has already been achieved in Unity by some other bloke and will be releasing his source on Unity forums hosted on a repo in GitHub.

My love for 6DOF shooters like descent still remains inside of me, resulting me into creating Effluvia, a multiplayer underwater shooter. Procedural generation really was the key element of the level design, spent many nights coding and spilled many coffees. Multiplayer concept was the easy part to be honest, Photon is quick and simple. I created this website for now to express my ideas followed by a github/lab wiki page

http://isaakeriksson.t15.org (i wont host a .com just yet), but I'm working on making it better.

Then there's all my concept drawings which I cant find any links to, but they're there somewhere haha. All thanks to my bamboo tablet of course, which is a great solution for indie companies to graphics design. Even if your a programmer, that isnt an excuse for now being able to model in 3D or design graphics.

Then there's Bullet Blackout, the popular anime fighting MMO shooter indie game project. Which I wont describe as much because I wrote a website here:

http://www.bulletblackout.com/ describing why you should be excited ;) Also the project is suprisingly popuar on IndieDB: http://www.indiedb.com/games/bullet-blackout