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    I'm creator of the 2D SANDBOX GAME Project and Game soon.
    ALSO: Passionate in building lego robots and draw animations.

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  1. Have not been here for a while. Welcome everyone!

  2. As I remember... the cubes are triggers that you must to have behind graphics... I can create new level system with 4.6 UI, but it can take few days, I have to much work
  3. Wondering if anyone will looks for that in future: How I resolved the problem: if (_open && Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.Escape)){ _open = !_open; }
  4. Hello! As you can see it is really easy job, but I have a problem becasue... Never done that: I have code: void Update(){ updateGUIDimensions(); if (Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.I)) { //_open = !_open; } } And added new "if" that looks: if (Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.Escape)) { !_open; } But there is no working "!_open" lonelly command, so... how can I make it, to only "close" inventory when click "escape"? Of course the !open code looks: public void toggleState() { _open = !_open; } Thank you, and I will use that knowledge to other projects in future.
  5. Is there password needed? In winrar? or where? To megaupload, you dont need password/
  6. Got a proposition from Techland... to... work with them... 

    I just want to eat a sandwich

  7. Wow sorry, I forgot about that package Give me a second, i will upload it somewhere
  8. Hi there! How are you today? I hope it is very good day for you everyone! I want to give you a package I made: Level Unlocking System for free. VIDEO: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8eYRpKgnTw Here you can DOWNLOAD for free the package: (NEW PACKAGE: 08/10/2016) Thanks for downloading: if you want to support me, send me a message. https://mega.nz/#!2M4FTTKL!RPsjqZQtdycpplh38oSUUpIL9ViABNWQJ1kT4PG6CN0 (P.S- I made it long time ago) Thank you for supports, Have a nice day, Martin
  9. Hi! Do you know guys how to resolve problem with size of screen? On computer and emulators it's good but after download game from googleplay the buttons is SOO SMALL
  10. Did you read the problem man? @up >.> I don;t have a problem with testing lel
  11. After that every low antivirus is trying to call my setup "virus" and delete that setup
  12. There is problem only after download from GooglePlay. Becouse in build console etc, it all working fine. Don't know why the hell it isn't working
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