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  1. You are stating these facts for the alpha, i understand. But the beta contains the differences. We used the fps kits (and gave credit) for the solem purpose to give an example of what the game will look like worh our models. We also call ourselves a team and a company. It doesnt really matter on our terms. The beta will NOT contain any fps kit taken from anyone. All models will be owned by back bone. The hit markers will remain in the game, but an option to disable it will be available. The cursor will also be fixed to freeze rotation when game is paused. The title of the game is called Humanity Falling. The picture is misspelled, we have fixed it but Isaak didnt use it. The FPS kit WILL BE REMOVED IN BETA. The picture of the hands for our game was taken from google and was researched to be LEGAL for commercial use. And it clearly says "ALPHA," so there will be problems with the game but will be changed in the beta. We have made our models for the beta but not the alpha. It is being repeated way to many times. So please refer to this post before asking those questions. Thank You This picture was taken from google images and we checked to make sure that we could use it. The game is not being sold so we had the ok to use it and we arent stating its ours. Credit is always given to everyone that provides items for us.
  2. Thank You Mars! I was just wondering the same question. And not to be mean or anything Deatrocker, but I don't understand why you must go around and give negative feedback towards another company for the smallest mistake. But we thank you anyways for the feedback. We have solved the issue in the beta
  3. Hahahahaha Isaak has taken everything down for some reason xD You can download the latest version here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/1ojmra2dnmg1a3l/Humanity+Falling+Alpha.rar Sorry! LOL Edit: I took care of it for you. He added everything back Enjoy!!!
  4. hahahaha yeah very sorry about that again. We really meant the game itself like the ideas and stuff like that. We have everything under control as far as credits and models and textures go. But thanks again
  5. We are very sorry for any misunderstandings about the credits. We will change it with our own models. I mean no disrespect to anyone when I say this so please bare with me: Back Bone Games makes models as well as borrows them from others. We will borrow the models until we create a completely seperate duplicate of the model that doesnt copy it. This alpha does contain some objects that are NOT owned by us, and credit is given to them. And further more, we are not making any profit from the game itself and giving as much credit as we possibly can to every contributer. The game is not even out for demo and is still in early alpha stage. As much as we love feedback, we also dislike certain negative feddback that reflects towards our team. Back Bone Games is a SMALL, yet smart and creative team. Like I said before, we are trying our best to give credit to others while we work on replacing them. If you have any questions about these models and would like to discuss anything that doesnt seem right, contact me via PM or skype. Thank You!
  6. xH1GHxR3Zx

    dlls Error?

    i am currently running on a Legal version of unity but my programer that is getting the error is not(I don't think). But we have built the project before with no errors
  7. xH1GHxR3Zx

    dlls Error?

    I have checked ever asset that was recently imported and still can not correct the error. We are building the project as a windows standalone. But when we press build it will load but give us an error in the console. I googled it and followed the directions but nothing.
  8. xH1GHxR3Zx

    dlls Error?

    I have already tried. I googled it MANY times amd still the error. I need help asap please. Thanks
  9. xH1GHxR3Zx

    dlls Error?

    Please help ASAP. I dont know how to fix this error and tried everything. "Error building player: Extracting referenced dlls failed.
  10. I am very sorry but we do not pay our employees because of the reason that this game is not being release for profit.
  11. Lol. Hey guys! Just updated the top post. We have COMPLETELY changed the settings on our game. We are releasing an alpha HOPEFULLY today. Also, we are in great need for Modelers. If anyone wants to help us model then please let us know ASAP. Thanks
  12. Oh ok. Thanks! Now how would I add it into unity? Im not a javascripter either lol
  13. What I mean by link is that there anyway that when someone registers for the multiplayer, can all that data be sent to the database automatically instead of manually adding everything? Mhmmmm, not really. Im using 000webhost.com for the database, and I am not sure that it will connect with 000webhost like that.
  14. Okay. Thanks! Now i am very familiar with MySql but have never done this before lol So my team already has a main menu script finished and I needed to link all of the players to the database automatically. Anyway to do this?
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