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    i am a leader from a gaming clan dropzone since 2002with over 30 members and a hobby developer. i love 3d shooter :) or the game coh2

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  1. Model from you or only texture?
  2. here the screenshots look up
  3. Hi i made two new skins for Bootcamp Soldier Both German Soldiers one Woodland one Winter Skin HF + GL Screenshots Add http://www.dropzone-clan.de/clan/downloads/Bootcamp Soldier.rar
  4. Hello i have a missing script on wood gameobjekt or what i do wrong? Greetz Raven
  5. 1. Company of Heroes 2 2. Fifa 15 3. Left 4 Dead 2 4. Titanfall 5. Sniper Elite 3 6. Battlefield 4 7. Worms Clan Wars 8. Enemy Territiory 9. Black Ops 2 10. .... best Game ever RtCW - Return to Castle Wolfenstein
  6. nice love the quake style movement
  7. i love you work. you got 5€ from me
  8. 5 player test and when one killed and spawned lagged
  9. Unity pro 4.5.2 and one error in console: Failed connect to master server at Port is free for the router and firewall
  10. Okay now its run fine. i switch to dx11 and delete second map "close quarter" then build and runs fine. with lux ! but when 3 people connected the host laggs terrible. my connection 50000 kbits dsl
  11. LUX Shader crashed in Unity Pro only without LUX can Build the scene!
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