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  1. You have Time.time on the 2nd line try Time.deltaTime, is that or the Quaternion.Euler(0,90,0), or the Input inside if. Take in mind the local axis of the transform, also; does it rotate but in the wrong way, or it simply don't?.
  2. Still; you got the pew idea!. xDD PEW PEW PEWW!!! jajajaa
  3. Hey!, nice idea actually, lol i didn't thought about it. I mean; i did that in 2 days, in a rush lol. Thank you!, i will do that, also i will low the volume a little bit. xD
  4. Thx, and i have to admit it, i have to fix that. xD That's the problem with random stuff. =P
  5. I was joking with some friends about how will be my next mini game. And I decided to make one random as possible, I've been working on it since yesterday. It's not much, need a polish in certain things, but it's playable. To make this short; the game is completely random and is complete stupidity, but probably you will like it. Here is the WebPlayer: http://feliarts.hol.es/PewPewPew.html (SPANISH, TOO LAZY TO TRANSLATE, SORRY). =B (ALSO SUM SPANISH VULGAR LANGUAGE). xD
  6. I totally forgot about your answer xDD i found out how to do it, its just a simple animation executed on the Start(); function. =P
  7. Thank you it work now i just need to learn a bit more so i can animate all my character
  8. i dont know how to use the script i added the script as java and apply it to my handgun model then i dont know what to do, so how i use it? if this work i just need the character animation and find out how to add bullets an flares xD
  9. I am novice in this unity stuff and i am using blender 2.6 and unity 3D 3.4.2 and i need to know how to put the animations that i've done in blender..i mean i've got all what i need just i cant make it play the animation when i press certain button what can i do? any help, code or whatever? i will wait 4 the anwer
  10. i want to make a zombie walking out of his grave is a way to do that?
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