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  1. Am working on a project and I'm trying to come up with an algorithm to both auto tile and generate a procedural room or house if I reach that far and am looking for some articles that anyone on this forum might have read to help me. Im not aiming for Long corridors but closely packed rooms with exits bound to edges. Thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks for participating mars and others
  3. Hello Everybody, I Would like your help in participating in this survey that I am sharing on behalf of my team. That is Xtranormal Activists. The team itself is fairly new with limited publicity (Were working on that) but is pared up with experienced developers and content creators focusing on creating games, Outsourcing and Tools development working with the unity and unreal engine. The purpose of the survey is to find patterns and preferences that are common among many persons involved in the game industry and by segment the creative industry. Also to provide help to game developers with limited resources but a strong desire to learn and make there dreams a reality with effort on their part. Thank you for reading, now the survey: https://surveyplanet.com/58bc93dc1b114214b20d0893
  4. jj007red

    Please help

    In my opinion you should choose based on what you can make as a developer, doesn't matter if a genre is over done as long as your execution is good, a game is only so good as it execution. You can the worst idea in the world or an overdone genre but if you execute it right it can be a hit. If this is your first game you could attempt something simple like a puzzle game but if not and you decide you want to take it to the next level then TPS or FPS or even both integrated into the same controller is there to be exploited. What matters most i would say is the idea behind the game your making, remember a game is more that just a game, its an experience. Whether is burning house you have to escape or rabid monkeys living on the moon or even zombies with personalities working in an organization trying to extinguish the human race, your call. As long as you keep these principles in mind you will be able to come up with something within your scope. P.S. - I works for me so im passing on my experience.
  5. Nice gameplay ++ on the particles
  6. If you purchased the asset, the best way to get your questions specifically answered is by contacting the publisher. Otherwise reading the documentation and see what works for you, what doesn't you can make scripts to suit your needs. PS.. To apply damage to the AI, you need to trigger the AI's ApplyDamage(amount) for the ai to take damage
  7. Have you tried reading the documentation that came with the asset. If that didnt help, i suggest you watch the videos that the asset creator posted and follow up this page- https://forum.unity3d.com/threads/tactical-shooter-ai-asset-store-pack.305971/
  8. This game Has a nice ring to it and i love the art. Nice work!!
  9. From what i can tell, you are enabling the canvas from inside the player damage function which is only invoked when the object receives damage, in order to manage the canvas more dynamically you can handle it in the Update function which will check the hitpoints and state every frame.Try this. using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; public class #Scriptname : MonoBehaviour { public GameObject _damageEffectC; public int _hitpoints; void Start () { _damageEffectC.SetActive(false); } // Update is called once per frame void Update () { if(_hitpoints <= 0) Die(); if(_hitpoints <= 20) { _damageEffectC.SetActive(true); } else { _damageEffectC.SetActive(false); } } public void PlayerDamage(int damage, GameObject attacker) { _hitpoints -= damage; aSource.PlayOneShot(painSound, 1.0f); DamageIndicator.AttackFrom(attacker.transform.position); } }
  10. well you could use a controller file that houses a list object of type floor and index the current floor, next floor and last floor, when the user request the next floor up the next floor would be current floor +1 or the last floor current floor -1.
  11. its the best thing unity has ever done for there customers I love it and i am only using the personal edition only thing is that i have to be reimporting some of my assets but its worth it
  12. Ohh well My bad .. but still he can use this anyway to prevent hacking :D
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