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  1. No idea. But I might release a multiplayer demo.
  2. farooqaaa

    FPS Game

    [youtubehd] [/youtubehd]Other videos: Will appreciate suggestions and feedback.
  3. Thanks. And yeah, my 3d Modeler made that model. But sorry I can't put it up for download.
  4. New update is available now. Check the first post.
  5. good luck Hope to see updates. Thanks. I post a new update every week. You can subscribe to my youtube channel.
  6. where you find him? looks that he knows what he is doing (has exp) i also in searching... without exp modeler/animator i can't start my own project :/ He is a friend. We're working on it together.
  7. Thanks, oma. I now have a 3d modeler. He did all the models,animations and the map.
  8. New update is posted. Check the first post. I have coded everything from scratch. I am not using oma's FPS. Sorry, I don't have plans for releasing the source code.
  9. New video: [youtubehd] [/youtubehd]Previous Videos:
  10. I've gotthe MW2 AK but all the animations are in separate files. I want to use it in my FPS Game but don't know how to merge all the animations into one file. Any ideas? Thanks
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