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  1. Yes, thanks! We made them for UnityMagic which you can dl for free now. TheMars misinterpreted what I said which gave the wrong impression to may of the posts users. We said rep isn't a race/ game. Furthermore, we meant platform as in we use ArmedUnity to temporarily discuss our game development course, while our site is being developed (it's in it's BETA stage) Regards, {ACID} Academy
  2. Why are you guy's so offensive for? It's really turning off our visitors, and we hope you understand that we also own a studio in BIrmingham. Sheesh, cool it!
  3. We made these a while back for the site - UnityMagic. They're free now - But we used to sell them for £5!
  4. Welcome, to {ACID} Academy's community! Sheesh, we're not kids. Rep isn't some kind of race/ game - If someone likes what the read they +1 it. As I said earlier, we are a community (Lot's of people) and ArmedUnity is our platform for our Game Development course, we use this to share ideas and all. Thus, we keep in close proximity. For more details please contact us via: adhamthecomputingguy.wix.com/acidacademy
  5. Mmm, you should try and fix the lights. Try to give the scene a mood to it, to put the player on his edge... Other than that, AWESOME!
  6. Hey all, A few contains for you to use - for your commercial or non-commercial games! Excellent for urban environments! - With a tiny download size (RAR) - Enjoy! VISIT OUR SITE (BETA VERSION) : www.adhamthecomputingguy.wix.com/acidacademy SNAPSHOTS: containers.rar
  7. Ah, I love TornadoTwins! Last time we checked that out it was still in it's buggy BETA stages...*Sighs*
  8. Is there a way we can contact you?

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