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  1. Pretty cool stuff
  2. I was about to smash my hard drive after making it
  3. So how did the game go? lol
  4. I deleted lol
  5. 13k tris is too much? I didn't realize it was still 2009
  6. Axe

  7. Axe

    I made this axe a while ago but never found a use for it. License : NON-COMMERCIAL Image used: Download:
  8. Something I made in like 20 mins. You can use it in your game if you want (I don't know why you would though). DOWNLOAD: Wooden Chest.rar
  9. Thanks Gena
  10. Well I'm not new and I'm pretty experienced but I never made an intro post and I forgot about this forum so, hello
  11. Nice thank you so much