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  1. This last week I've been migrating my website over to a new web host. I've decided to put up some of the artwork I've created over the years. These are items that have never seen the light of day, and offer them to you all for free. I am not using them, so no point in hording them. I intend to keep digging through my backups and adding new content as I go. http://fatboxsoftware.com/resources.html
  2. This is a free low poly alligator with associated 2D Texture map. The mesh averages about 1,700 triangles in density and uses a 1024px texture map in PSD format. I've included a CC License file in the folder containing the Unity package file. The assets are free to be used in any commercial or non-commercial project and to be modified freely. Please feel free to subscribe to my channel to get notified about new [FREE] Unity art assets I upload. Download is in the video description.
  3. No problem. I hope it's useful.
  4. Thank you! They aren't too realistic as they were hand painted and in sort've a stylized way. They are very optimized for mobile so they have that going for them. They also use a mobile-optimized shader that allows using a "damage" decal that a person could swap out in real time. The logic behind this was if a dino get's damaged or wounded in a fight, or becomes dirty or muddy, all of that is possible in a simple shader.
  5. This is a pack of low polygon dinosaur 3D meshes and associated 2D texture maps. Each dinosaur averages about 3,000 triangles and uses a 1024px texture map in PSD format. I've included a CC License file in the folder containing the Unity package file. Please feel free to subscribe to my channel to get notified about new free Unity art assets I upload. Follow through to a video demo of the assets. The download link is in the video description.
  6. Yeah that's very true. I could do a future update and just add a "General Lee" variation car to the pack. Maybe if it's controversial today it might cause some interest that way.
  7. UniCar is a system set up with simplicity in mind. This is not a scientifically accurate physics simulation of real world car handling or tire frictions. This was designed with arcade style driving games in mind, parking games, arena combat games and the like. If you're going for the next Gran Turismo this isn't the package for you. http://u3d.as/14xA The monster truck physics are really fun.
  8. A really large set of highly optimized vehicles meant for mobile platform development. 16 different vehicles each with 3 LODs. All wheels are separated and have proper pivot for either code or animation rotations. I decided to put up a $10 donation button to help cover costs for hosting and some of the work done...this comes out to about $.65 cents per vehicle! Follow through the link to more detailed information on the entire pack. http://fatboxsoftware.com/low-poly-car-pack
  9. Starting working with Substance Painter for the first time in actual production. I have to say I really love it for the PBR workflow. I started working on implementing a Marine Corps emblem for the main menu background. I am still seriously lacking in the composition of the main menu so I am open to any and all feedback or opinions on that. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KV0e8NVjLeQ
  10. Thank you! If you played any of the demo, please send me some hateful feedback! I'm kidding, but hey feedback is like cheeseburgers or nachos to me, I need it.
  11. Hello everyone. I'm introducing my prototype "shoot em up" build for feedback from the community. I've put together a work-in-progress web site to upload builds, do development blog posts / tips, share imagery and videos from the prototype and to get feedback directly from the community. Platform will be Steam for PC and Mac, with a secondary focus on a mobile version. http://thepacificwar1942.us/ I've also set up a Google form so that anyone who plays the prototype can give their initial thoughts, suggest any features or mechanics, or let me know if they feel something is missing or just plain doesn't feel right. https://goo.gl/forms/8MVEGGbW1llt9Ob62 These are a few images of a F4U Corsair I had created early on for the demo. Take into account this is a distant camera shoot em up, so the models are optimized to low polygon counts. This is also to aid development later on when there will be many moving 3D models on screen at any given time. Youtube Playlist of Development Diaries https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLssEzxXKmS8FLCfiUDb7om2BsO1TX8Q9R
  12. In this video I discuss the theory of LODs and demonstrate Unity's implementation of them via LOD Groups. Included is a mobile optimized classic car model with (3) LODs. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wkxT7xT0NYU Image of the free vehicle model with (3) LODs. Here is the download link for the the Unity package : http://db.tt/H2TAczI5 Please feel free to subscribe as I'll be giving away free content in a majority of my tutorial videos.
  13. Well the hill isn't part of the package and was really an afterthought to what I was really trying to highlight. I think that hill was about 3 minutes in Maya.
  14. I used a custom shader that I created that allows using the alpha channel as a color mask. No need for multiple materials or anything.
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