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Altered Planet Studios

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  1. Altered Planet Studios

    Armed Unity Community Mega Project

    nice idea sure would like to help:)
  2. Altered Planet Studios

    Who's going to pre-order BF4?

    whats life without bf4????
  3. Altered Planet Studios

    Which Unity Book Should I Buy?

    it depends on what area of unity you want to learn the most on, and to be honest, the site is the best place to go, thats where all the books get their info from:)
  4. Altered Planet Studios

    Battlefield 4 Multiplayer E3

    this game i will defeat LoL
  5. Altered Planet Studios

    Mirror's Edge 2

    and not really sadly, its for pc you know?
  6. Altered Planet Studios

    Mirror's Edge 2

    She is hot , and I want this game:)
  7. Altered Planet Studios

    Let's talk about the next-gen consoles and the future of Game industry

    ps4 if you hear about all the hate towards the xbox 1 you would be surprised
  8. Altered Planet Studios

    Help with my character,

    yea pretty good start:)
  9. Altered Planet Studios

    Need opinions for a text

    Nice idea, hope it works out:)
  10. Altered Planet Studios

    Unity 3d: Night Crisis Road to Beta ( Dev log 1.2)

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYYg0N1XPaQ Game Updates: This map is called Isolation, it will be released in the beta ,THIS IS A WIP ( WORK IN PRGORESS) I am currently working hard on the player upgrade , inventory and weapon buy systems. I started working on this map before I released the alpha, and I am showing the map in a early stage. Expect more improvments as the project evolves:)
  11. Altered Planet Studios

    Night Crisis Project ( Inventory and Pickups)

    Hello, The weapon Classes are grouped into the usual: Shotguns , Sub machine guns , Light machine guns , Rifles, Explosives, Melee weapons, and Pistols. Each class has a large amount of weapons to choose from, you will be able to spend in-game credits to purchase them . You can find these weapons at terminals marked on your hub throughout the environment. Download the alpha free!!! http://www.indiedb.com/members/alteredplanets/downloads/night-crisis-alpha-demo
  12. Altered Planet Studios

    Night Crisis (beta) dev log 1.1

    Its on the list
  13. Altered Planet Studios

    Night Crisis (beta) dev log 1.1

    Credit to ONE MAN ARMY ... we all can't thank him enough for what he has done Confirmed Beta Features (Night Crisis) As the beta is nearing release, the dev log series (Road to Beta) will keep you updated on progress of the game. The beta is confirmed for pc, the webrowser version will be released at later date as a lite version. Upcoming and Confirmed beta features: Polished gameplay Inventory system Player upgrade system New weapon buy system UPDATES RELEASED IN DEV LOG 1.1 finalized Environment audio systems Bug fixes New weapons ( saiga, ump45, ScarH) HOW TO DOWNLOAD THE FREE PC VERSION:1.Download http://www.indiedb.com/members/alteredplanets/downloads/night-crisis-alpha-demo 2. install and enjoy 3. email or pm if you have any questions!
  14. Altered Planet Studios

    The Night Crisis Project - alpha demo

    it is fine here
  15. Altered Planet Studios

    The Night Crisis Project - alpha demo

    THIS IS THE ALPHA VERSION AND NOT BYANY MEANS REPRESENTATION OF THEFINAL PRODUCT A emmerive, zombie tournament style Fps shooter.See how you can survive without becoming fallen to the undead!!! Unity3D Web-Player Install Unity Web-Player HOW TO DOWNLOAD THE FREE PCVERSION: 1. Try it out in your browser: 2. Download Indie DB http://www.indiedb.com/members/alteredplanets 4. install and enjoy 5. email or pm if you have any questions!