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  1. Thx I try to texture it but it is hard for a beginner like me.
  2. Here is my first weapon model. It looks like a Vector but i have changed something because it was created for a since fiction test. Made with Blender. You can use it for what ever you want. Download
  3. Dan_Stephens

    COD kit

    The Kit is only for premium Member. You cant download it because you are not a premium Member. And this question is posted in many other Topics. Pls look first in other topics or use search.
  4. But i need tutorials i have searched in youtube & google but they have a pic etc or they are pro's. I need a simple tutorial for beginners.
  5. Hello, i have some questions about modelling weapons like interstellar mariens. it is possible to modelling a weapon like i.m. in blender? can you sent me a link or a model or video about this? (because im trying to model something like this for my sincefiction game)
  6. Im working on a project like DayZ but I find no character. Have anyone a link or some else?
  7. Dan_Stephens


    That does not work. I have an error that i need a vst... .dll (i dont know the name). The error is in the mdl5 compiler.
  8. Dan_Stephens


    But i need them in .fbx .max .3ds ... format not in css.
  9. Can you make the magazine extra? (2 different objects)
  10. Dan_Stephens


    Where is the mw2 release
  11. Dan_Stephens


    The downloadlink http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=862734 is down, but i need this models. Has anyone this models?
  12. Ok, i thought the model Animation etc is make by an Animator, not the orginal model from bf. Sorry for the misunderstandings.
  13. Can you release the models? It isnt illegal to download but it is illegal to use them in a game. Or a link to the weapons on facepunch?
  14. Where you get the models? BlackStorm, can you make a download link for the source?
  15. Here is great site for tutorials (German). http://neo-gamefactory.de German: Hier ist eine gute Seite für Deutsch sprachige Tutorials.
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