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  1. Ruger 10/22 Carbine

    Looks really great!
  2. Sounds of War - UI Concept

    Thanks for the explanation... It's just a Watermark.
  3. Sounds of War - UI Concept

    We're currently working on a new UI Concept and i would like to hear your opinion. We are almost done "converting" it into Unity. Lobby: Scoreboard:
  4. ZionRawR - Menu v2

    Well, i dont have it anymore.
  5. Operation Archer Realistic Fps

    you need to be optimistic...
  6. Operation Archer Realistic Fps

    THIS! will never work... lets say you have over thousand of players... in just one server... holy shit
  7. Game UI Design

    Looks like you used Paint.net
  8. Operation Archer Realistic Fps

    What will make your game unique?
  9. Sounds of War

  10. SniicKz - Wallpaper with my slogan

    I've a child... And im sure... that i had more sex in those few Years than you...
  11. SniicKz - Wallpaper with my slogan

  12. Sounds of War

    We made a new Weapon-Sway-Script that looks a little bit like the one from Battlefield +
  13. Sounds of War

    The Development of Sounds of War has been started again with the Partnership of Dark30 , Polypixel and Speedtree ! (Yep... Speedtree and Polypixel... that's right)
  14. Sounds of War

    - Deleted -