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  1. SquidBot


    Please try to be more clear when requesting or asking a question. -Squid
  2. What is this video called, the link doesn't work.
  3. Hey all, I'm looking for a modeller with experience to help me out with a certain job, it's only small, but it's a job I cannot do. I'm looking for a gun to be modelled, but with high poly count and textures included, the pay is not massive but enough for this job alone. If you would like to apply to do this, I would like to see a few models you have made in the past, just for reference. If you think you're up to the job message me! -Squid
  4. SquidBot

    Character ideas!

    Close, but I don't wish to share it yet as I'm afraid of someone stealing my idea.
  5. SquidBot

    Character ideas!

    Hey all, So i'm drafting ideas for a game, and I'm in need of some ideas for characters. I know how much imagination you guys have and I'm interested to see if you have anything that you think would be cool realised in a game! If you wish to give me an idea it must be laid out like so, [Name of character] possible title e.g "the wizard of the north" Info about them Role: (e.g tank, support, mage etc) Abilities: [First Ability] cooldown: (time between ability use) info about the ability [second Ability] cooldown: (time between ability use) info about the ability [ultimate Ability] cooldown: (time between ability use) info about the ultimate ability, this will be significantly more powerful that the others -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks!
  6. Looks great so far! Not a master at modelling so I can't give you any professional opinion, but keep up the good work and make sure to post up some screenshots when it's done! -Squid
  7. Your paragraph is based off needing a free script for an aircraft controller. What's the point of denying it when its in your first sentence lol. Also, go to elsewhere if you think this is what we do. Here at ArmedUnity, we work together and develop together with occasional help. Don't arrive in a community and instantly want your "new amazing call of duty clone that will be top on xbox one and get me loads of money" game made for you. You should have approached this asking for help or where to find a basis for learning to do this. If you don't understand there is no point asking for someone to do it for you.
  8. SquidBot


    Wow, this looks amazing!
  9. Oh look another one.
  10. OMA dropped a simple introduction post about a year back I think, I'll try find it. Ask around i'm sure that will help you start -Squid
  11. I do this for free, check my profile for more information. No malicious intent, just saying.
  12. I've taken enough from this community, and now it's time to give something back. If you don't know who I am, I'm Fin, some of you may know me as SquidBot, I'm a 15 year old student and I have been working with the likes of Photoshop, Illustrator, and more for over 3 and a half years now. I'm currently taking Graphics GCSE, and I've secured a place on a Graphic communication internship in the coming future. I am here to offer my services to all who require. Here's what I offer; - Concept art (I can large projects such as full games, and also minimal works) - GFX (This could be a Logo, banner, or such like) - Trailers (This is far more time consuming, it will require quite a lot of work from me and the consumer) - Character design (This can include physical representation, and more) - Story design (Less graphics based, more written) - Things I do not provide (Just incase you were wondering) -Textures (Despite the evident link to what I do, textures are a whole different story, it's also nearly impossible to configure a texture over computers) - Musical Score (I have written music before, which I may have expressed. But making score for a project potentially large is not something I can commit to) When I take in a project you must keep in mind a few things; - I also supply to a few others, so I have priorities. - I DO NOT take abuse or angry consumers. We are working together, therefore there must be a mutual respect. If you persist to aggravate me or insult me, I will cease my work with you. This being said, I am open to except anyone willing to cooperate and be patient . - I will happily take requests e.g "Could you draw a purple man with a gun". However, try to keep most of the details in your initial quota, there's nothing more annoying than someone messaging me over 50 times telling me different things that need to be included. - I never begin work until the price has been paid, Just because I'm 15 does not mean you can trick me with "I will pay you later" bullshit. You pay, I work. Simple as Prices wise, I know we're all poor so I try to keep it cheap as possible. - Concept Art £1 per piece £3 for 5 £10 for 15 - GFX First piece is free! £2.50 for 3 pieces £5 for 10 - Trailer £3 for teaser (this will be short, often containing limited gameplay) £6 for full length trailer £7.50 for teaser and full length - Character design £2 Written file containing character qualities, possible abilities and more £5 3 Files. - Story design £15 Full 25 page length story/campaign £35 Full 50+ page length story with added characters, clans, races and more I also require your email or skype when you buy, as I need contact with you at all times. If you decide you no longer want your order after you've placed it. You can of course get a refund! I offer a 30-day warranty, if you lose the file or accidently delete it I will replace it ASAP! Let me know if there's anything you are concerned about, or don't understand, or If you require something not listed here, drop a comment, I might be able to do a special offer for another ArmedUnity member! If you wish to purchase any of these or have a possible long term deal, contact me on my business email finbromham@hotmail.co.uk. Thanks again, Squid/Fin
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