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    Sci-fi games,zombies,future,aliens,terror and outhers...
  1. SCREENSHOTS ABOUT The clone of minecraft, ready for you to edit and perfect! Open and play! CREDITS MAKE by Schooczx (Russian) Models by Blender Assets by Unity3D Posted by hahahaioleaser and more... DOWNLOAD
  2. Thank you for saving this project, I thought he would never be seen. I once saw a Russian site where this project was saved there, but now I need not preucupar here! Thank you man.
  3. Portuguese - Pt-Br Olá galera,fiz a sentry gun para me ajudar nas horas em que eu queria,então criei ela... Bom usei os prefabs do projeto Fuel Life (de robos),usei os scripts do forun do Unity,e meio que adaptei para o fps kit. Ainda está em beta,pois não consegui definir sua munição padrão,as munições ficam caindo no chão toda hora,se conseguirem acharem uma munição apropriada avisem-me! English - Translated! Hello guys, I made a sentry gun to help me at times when I wanted, so I created it ... Good used the prefabs Fuel Project Life (of robots), I used the scripts Forun Unity, and that means adapted for fps kit. Is still in beta, because I could not set their standard ammunition, munitions are falling down all the time, if you can think an ammo properly let me know! Screenshots: Downloads: Beta v. 0.1
  4. Yes!
  5. I already said that this model is my friend and I helped him make a part. This model is in several sites!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I already said that this model is my friend and I helped him make a part. This model is in several sites!
  7. This model is not mine is my friend Douglash but helped him make a part of the model.
  8. Yes,on the camera! the first is the main menu, then you should create a new empty scene and put the script on camera. The second change the script (Lock Cursor) of the camera from the player fps kit.
  9. Portuguese PT-Br Esse modelo não é meu é de meu amigo Douglash,porém ajudei ele a fazer uma parte do modelo. Esse modelo foi feito no "Blender",eu fiz os pequenos detalhes do modelo... Eu recomendo esse modelo somente para jogos de FPS(Shotter),survival zombie,etc... English - Translated! This model is not mine is my friend Douglash but helped him make a part of the model. This model was made in "Blender", I made the little details of the model ... I recommend this model only for FPS games (Shotter), zombie survival, etc ... ScreenShots/Imagens: Downloads: Urban - Scene Update 21/06/13 Web Player Demo
  10. Portuguese - PT-Br Olá galera,fiz um pequeno script e também modifiquei o script do "Lock Cursor",criei uma especie de menu para vocês... Esses scripts são para meu jogo (Doom Town Infectation) más estou compartilhando com vocês. English - Translated! Hello guys, I made a small script and also modified the script of "Lock Cursor", created a kind of menu for you ... These scripts are bad for my game I'm sharing with you. Downloads: Script Menu #pragma strict var logo : Texture2D; var hSliderValue : float = 0.0; function OnGUI () { GUI.Box (Rect(550,0,200,50),logo); //Change the GUI.color if you dont want to have a color or want another color then blue. GUI.color =; //Change the Levelname if your Level is called different. if (GUI.Button (Rect(550,100,200,50),"Start")) { Application.LoadLevel ("beckup"); } if (GUI.Button (Rect(550,200,200,50),"Quit")) { Application.Quit(); } //These HorizontalSlider are the SoundOptions. GUI.Box (Rect(25, 25, 100, 30), "Music"); hSliderValue = AudioListener.volume = 0.5; hSliderValue = GUI.HorizontalSlider (Rect (25, 25, 100, 30), hSliderValue, 0.0, 10.0); GUI.Box (Rect(25, 100, 100, 30), "Sounds"); hSliderValue = AudioListener.volume = 0.5; hSliderValue = GUI.HorizontalSlider (Rect (25, 100, 100, 30), hSliderValue, 0.0, 10.0); GUI.Box (Rect(800, 0, 500, 500),"Languages"); if (GUI.Button (Rect(800, 50, 100, 30),"English")) { Application.LoadLevel ("English"); } //Add some new Languages here just copy the GUI.Button upside of this text. if (GUI.Button (Rect(550, 300, 200, 50),"Credits")) { Application.LoadLevel ("Credits"); } if (GUI.Button (Rect(550, 400, 200, 50),"Options")) { Application.LoadLevel ("Options"); } } Script "Lock Cursor" #pragma strict function Start(){ Time.timeScale = 0; Screen.lockCursor = false; } function DidLockCursor () { Debug.Log("Locking cursor"); // Disable the button //guiTexture.enabled = false; } // Called when the cursor is being unlocked // or by a script calling Screen.lockCursor = false; function DidUnlockCursor () { Debug.Log("Unlocking cursor"); Time.timeScale = 0; // Show the button again // guiTexture.enabled = true; } private var wasLocked = false; function Update () { // In standalone player we have to provide our own key // input for unlocking the cursor if (Input.GetKeyDown ("escape")) Screen.lockCursor = false; // Did we lose cursor locking? // eg. because the user pressed escape // or because he switched to another application // or because some script set Screen.lockCursor = false; if (!Screen.lockCursor && wasLocked) { wasLocked = false; DidUnlockCursor(); } // Did we gain cursor locking? else if (Screen.lockCursor && !wasLocked) { wasLocked = true; DidLockCursor (); } } function OnGUI(){ GUI.color =; if(Screen.lockCursor == false){ if(GUI.Button(Rect(Screen.width -120, 20, 100, 30), "Lock Cursor" )){ Screen.lockCursor = true; Time.timeScale = 1; } if (GUI.Button (Rect(Screen.width -120, 47, 100, 30),"Back To Menu")) { Application.LoadLevel ("Main Menu"); } } }
  11. thanks man!
  12. Ok!Thanks!
  13. Publish my projects or just play with them?

  14. Please help-me!