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  1. thanks man, i will see if this repair my project
  2. Hey guys im simple indie game devloper in the unity engine, and i have 1 year of time using the unity, and things have happening with me, i lost 6 projects because of one bug, or one thing with i make when i dont know, ultimately, my project after on certain time, my project lost all materials, all prefabs lose all scripts and all are destroyed... im tired of this im have the perfect rage so many times than i cant say to you guys my f*cking rage, I was already depressed often because it, and now i asking to all you guys, what i make after this? this is a bug? this can be fixed? thanks...
  3. hy guys,im making one game(no comercial) and i dont can make beasts more bigger, because the beast jump on me and no aply demage, i dont know the reason whit this are happen , and i wanna we all post one tutorial or show what i make, sorry the english... im brazillian
  4. ok, u want me post the download of zombie models or you got his?
  5. hey oma, make an tutorial attaching this on the fpskit 1.3.5 ! is very cool
  6. u can make a video lesson well quickly or a tutorial here on armed unity?
  7. yeah, after im up the images of the codes
  8. the zombie dont produce none animations, and the ragdoll with i maked dont show up
  9. Hey guys, I was trying to make new zombies with Ai script OMA fpskit 1.3.5, with different animations, only always gave error and I'm angry, then can someone show me a tutorial or file with zombies adapted to the fpskit OMA?
  10. I can use your kit for the game in which I am doing?
  11. make one system to change to the first person and make one dayz
  12. i found one big bug... when you put the rock block on your foots, u get out of the map '-'... more the system and the blocks are amazing
  13. you already repaired the hand ax?, which are not the same weapons, and the weapons station left handed, you will make an option to switch to right hand?
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