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  1. I've built a menuitem script to generate streamed level assetbundles from the currently open scene (script below). It worked once but now I get "Error building Player: Failed to move streamed scene file to '/Assets/New Resource.unity3d'." whenever I try to build a bundle. How do I resolve this? Unity crashed at one stage while I was testing this script - is that related? I'm on unity 4 pro. Garrett using UnityEngine; using UnityEditor; using System.Collections; using System.IO; public class ExportLevelAssetBundles { [MenuItem("Assets/Build Level AssetBundle from Open Level")] static void ExportResource () { //bring up save panel to get path and file name string path = EditorUtility.SaveFilePanel("Save Resource", "", "New Resource", "unity3d"); //if there is a path if (path.Length != 0) { //for testing, show the chosen path //Debug.Log(path); //get the current application pathway and split it into an array by forward slashes string[] s = Application.dataPath.Split('/'); //the project name is two forward slashes back from the end of the array string projectName = s[s.Length - 2]; //Debug.Log("project = " + projectName); //get the position of the project name in the path chosen in savefilepanel int offset = path.IndexOf(projectName); //if offset does not return -1 (i.e. no position) if (offset != -1) { //add the length of the project name to the offset offset = offset + projectName.Length; //slice the path into a shortened relative path with the filename string shortenedpath = path.Substring(offset, path.Length - offset); Debug.Log(shortenedpath); //use an ampty levels array to build the currently open scene string[] levels = new string[] {}; //build a streamed scene at the choosen location BuildPipeline.BuildPlayer (levels, shortenedpath, BuildTarget.WebPlayer, BuildOptions.BuildAdditionalStreamedScenes); } else { //if no offset the user is trying to export outside the current project path Debug.Log("You must export to a location in the current projects path."); } } } }
  2. Ok a few screenshots to show what I'm doing (as I'm convinced I must be doing something very simply/stupid wrong). 1) In 01.jpg attached (below) you can see the prefab I've made called "Map_0-0" (the script that loads expects this naming convention). It has terrain data. So I use the "Build AssetBundle From Selection - Track dependencies" script to build my assetbundle with that prefab selected. 2) In 02.jpg attached (below), I'm now running the unity project and four asset bundles have loaded "Map_0-0", "Map_0-1", "Map_1-0" and "Map_1-1". I've highlighted "Map_0-0" (the one I built) and the terrain data is missing. 3) In 03.jpg attached (below), still running the unity project, I've highlighted "Map_0-1" (a pre-built assetbundle that came with the demo I'm using) and the terrain data is there. thanks in advance Garrett
  3. Apologies, here's the link again: http://docs.unity3d.com/Documentation/Manual/BuildingAssetBundles.html <http://docs.unity3d.com/Documentation/Manual/BuildingAssetBundles.html>
  4. Hi I'm having a lot of problems trying to work with assetbundles. I've followed the manual page on building assetbundles (http://docs.unity3d.com/Documentatio...etBundles.html) using the script and every assetbundle I build seems to be empty (even through they are 2.9mb). I can't understand whether I'm building the assetbundle incorrectly or loading/extracting it incorrectly and since they are compressed files that can't be opened manually I can't separate out these to test. Is there a way to check if an assetbundle has been created correctly (view it's contents, how they are organised)? Some way to view the schema inside the assetbundle so I can step through what might be going wrong. I have an assetbundle created by somebody else (from a demo project) and the script I'm using to load/extract that works fine. regards Garrett
  5. I have been trying to apply a texture to a terrain from C for over a week now. New to Unity3D however applying a texture to a primitive took me 30 seconds to figure out what am I not doing correctly here? using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; using Utility; public class test : MonoBehaviour { //use this for initialization void Start () { //create a new terrain data TerrainData _terrainData = new TerrainData(); //set terrain width, height, length _terrainData.size = new Vector3(20, 1, 20); SplatPrototype[] terrainTexture = new SplatPrototype[1]; terrainTexture[0] = new SplatPrototype(); terrainTexture[0].texture = (Texture2D)Resources.Load("Standard Assets/Terrain Assets/Terrain Textures/Grass (Hill)"); _terrainData.splatPrototypes = terrainTexture; //how do I now apply the loaded texture to my terrain? //how do I test if my texture has loaded correctly? //Create a terrain with the set terrain data GameObject _terrain = Terrain.CreateTerrainGameObject(_terrainData); } // Update is called once per frame void Update () { } }
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