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  1. thanks for the answer I use this, but I do not know what texture to add to sections such as Occlusion and height in Unity. CrazyBump names are different
  2. Hi. How can I make texture maps like Occlusion in Unity? I want to see good quality Texture.
  3. ShaNexx


    How can you help?
  4. ShaNexx


    When passed through the characters using the cube trigger loading a new scene. But when I do this, I want the camera to black out. Do I have a chance to activate the script using a trigger?
  5. Hello there All scripts have been canceled The problem is that I get this error very often. http://i.hizliresim.com/P0koD8.png
  6. ShaNexx

    Help me please!

    Is it related to a project ready ?
  7. ShaNexx

    Help me please!

    No,not red light sound wave move by occurs.Stopped by around darkens.
  8. ShaNexx

    Help me please!

  9. ShaNexx

    Help me please!

    How to lighting with audio waves at Lurking games on created Unity.
  10. ShaNexx

    DayZ kit.

    Thanks comments but Hell kit v.2 There is a kit download links broken exactly such a kit necessary.
  11. ShaNexx

    DayZ kit.

    Thanks, but in most no body only hands.
  12. ShaNexx

    DayZ kit.

    Hi Dayz style free start kit necessary. Please help.
  13. link broked please new upload.
  14. ShaNexx

    Help me...text

    Exactly but only at the begining of the game. Like 'to open the door press E key' etc. I would like to teach very basics about character controlling.
  15. ShaNexx

    Help me...text

    I've started a new game. In this game I would like to show the information popups (control buttons meanings, how to use, how to act.. etc). But only at the beginning of the game. How can I do that? Thanks.
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