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  1. First im searching programmer, coder. In progress (design) and some sketch..
  2. I searching team members (first coder) for original mecha game. Gameplay like some mix gow + uncharted idea. Puzzles, aliens, scary and powerful robot fights. Tiny humans controlled big robots one game and many different stories. Different protagonists. I add some sketch later. Pls wait... details.
  3. I know what it is Rpg.. but this nice source Thank you very much. but that are difficult... one people making this style RPG (elements) game. i try to think about...
  4. Thank you Popystone Thanx Darkchaos. DabossTRM ? Rpg elements ? What's it like? explain pls.. only one people so hard game making.. you know it. I'm so confused right now
  5. Sneak peek ! Attacked the village. Boss design (in progress)
  6. Thank you Jmaster2012. I think there's no one else...
  7. I am Visual Communication Designer. I working personal project. but I dont understand code or programming. who can help me really ! (((codes ,scripts))) solve my problems... I help you. _" art direction " _ ( design, concept art, style, colors, storyboards, typography and maybe some modelling vs.) Thank you very much Demonstration : Mecha Sketch.. I did ..this morning for this topic.
  8. ? Child Character (in progress)
  9. Mountains


    Thank you very much guys.. :/ Sword touch area.. maybe like this box or... not box ( direct : 3d models, monster vs. ) sword attack :Red (X) green (Y) yellow (Z)
  10. Mountains


    I explained again... thank you.
  11. Mountains


    Yes, but must solve it before...
  12. if you ask me... Replace these colors. Why black ? or Why Red ? ok footsteps and others idea but What is the logic of colors ? What explains these colors ? or they really right this project ? The simplest and most basic (color schema) use this...
  13. Only Windows Demo.. not for mac ? :´(
  14. Mountains


    Yeah. Have a nice day previously - prepared cuts Autodesk maya...
  15. DabossTrm thank you. ! Jmaster2012 thank you. Soon my friend. Im hard working bentowny This Game like Tps Camera. Horror - Adventure. Some Sketch (2006-2008) Comic style
  16. No problem my friend. Yes, Tablet... Intuos4 medium Thank you ver much bentowny. Low poly : Short sword (finished) and Head (in progress)
  17. For you YoungDeveloper Sketch http://youtu.be/n__gFntSws8
  18. Thinking too much, sometimes... How hard is it to make a fighting game ? gameplay like gameplay psx game : eretzvaju or Dead or Alive... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2W3dq7GzrkM What do you think ? Change my mind. Thank you.
  19. Sketch 5-10 minutes ... usually Improvisation... thank you very much DabossTRM Absolutely I ask Thank you. Young Developer .. really? Gow nice game but don't play . No ps3 or Xbox my last consol ""Dreamcast"" okay so I draw one artwork... I will add video. like this ? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0HnR_eQW_dA&feature=youtu.be Thank you GraphicStacks.. Ok .. Short Sword almost finished..
  20. Thanx . I started to develop models... (March 2013)
  21. Thank you very much. Some sketch.
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