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  1. When was the last time you visited the mountains? Oh wait that's DLC only. Hi there!

  2. Drawing with finger... (phone)
  3. If you want something good, join a serious team.
  4. Hello my friend. I am a designer. This is not the logo actually you made a some ''Logotype' Do something simpler and try to do something using only one or two colors. You decorated the design too much and its not right way. It can be difficult to read when you use the design a little smaller. If you want the design to look more professional. Look at good designs. Write logotype to Google. and do plenty of design practice.
  5. I can... but I don't want to make 3d model work now. Mostly Drawing, design, art direction...
  6. Hi guys and girl. I want to collaborate with someone or team. You know, Im artist. I can... but I don't want to make 3d model work now. Mostly Drawing, design, art direction... Pls. Only realistic and serious projects, not fan game works, copycat survival games or boring we want you type military fps games vs... Thank you. Especially in Stockholm / Sweden !
  7. Some minor changes and color test.
  8. BABY - One shot comic book ( science fiction, horror ) Character portrait from story. (Line art)
  9. https://www.instagram.com/p/BPIaIAAvs/
  10. Actually for 3d game ...I thing.. old sega game name ''Virtual On'' type refined game projects... will be more realistic for small teams or learning issue. make 3d games really hard for one people you know... = creating gameplay, coding, animation, modelling, effects, art design etc... I tried before make different type 3d game 3-4 times but for one people, waste of time. Its basically suicide but you can make nice 3d game with small team. Minimum 4-5 people for 3d game... Artist-designer, Modeller, Coder and animator. Be easy to learn... Bushido blade
  11. Thank you very much OcularCash and SmokeyKilla
  12. Hi guys and girls ! I have a problem with... low poly works. This type modelling is wrong for low-polygon ? MAYA I want to make cartoony looking environments but ı don't understand something or... Why can't make soft edge for low poly or black sections isn't problem or ı don't understand how to make low poly ? We using hard surface ? Yes ım never make low poly works !!! seriously Thank you...
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