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  1. C# Elevator Logic HELP

    Well thanks for answering, but as i mentioned on the post it's not a Unity project, i use Visual Studio 2015 and writing at Visual C#.
  2. C# Elevator Logic HELP

    Thanks for your reply. I don't have a problem about the position and how to move the elevator, my problem is the A.I which the elevator should have in order to choose which will be the next floor. (While the user presses buttons on the floors at runtime)
  3. C# Elevator Logic HELP

    Hey there, it's been a while since my last post but i really need some help with an assignment in my University. The project, using Visual C# (Visual Studio), is to develop an elevator system for a 5 storey building, i don't care about the design or how to move the elevator and stuff, all i really have to do is to develop the 'right' logic for the elevator so it can choose where to stop in the 'correct' order. My problem is that i can not decide which data structure is needed and how to make the elevator to pick the right order. Translated Assignment: (English might be from weird to really bad) And in any case, of course and i don't want someone to develop this application for me, all i want is some help on which data structure should i use and how to implement a fair elevator logic. I really appreciate your help.
  4. (Asset Store) Base Building Package

    Sorry for being late, i now start implementing them in my building system and they fit awesome, thank you very much, the textures are a bit shinny but i can fix them with the shader settings.
  5. (Asset Store) Base Building Package

    Yeap, it's working. Thanks mate
  6. (Asset Store) Base Building Package

    I'm doing something wrong ? The link seems empty.

    A Turkish helicopter rescuing civilians it sounds like a fantasy game Jokes aside, very nice project.
  8. Looking For 2 Guys.

    I though i was at a wrong forum
  9. Uploading SaveFile?

    You can have a free account at a host website and use FTP (File transfer Protocol) in order to upload the save file. Check this website here: http://www.c-sharpcorner.com/UploadFile/kirtan007/download-upload-binary-files-on-ftp-server-using-C-Sharp/ or just google on how to use FTP
  10. Building System (Something like rust)

    Just instantiate the game object over the network, not really a problem.
  11. Advanced Building System nDev Studios

    use selfActive instead, this project is 2 years old, obviously based on a much older Unity version. If you are using the Standard FPS controller the mouselook is now 'integrated' into the controller.
  12. Non-Central Aiming Test

    overreact with the meaning of a huge text, you seemed offended by a stranger who said something idiotic. Anyway mate, peace
  13. Non-Central Aiming Test

    You don't have to over react, good result anyway.
  14. Playing An Animation When Key Is Pressed

    function Update () { if (Input.GetKeyDown ("space")) print ("space key was pressed"); } Replace the space with your key and the print function with the call code of your function.
  15. Construction Kit Lite

    No problem mate, thanks for the replay.