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  1. Progressive Reloading(Shotgun)

    Hi, you can use for or while loop. https://unity3d.com/learn/tutorials/topics/scripting/loops
  2. All of my metadata files are CORRUPTED!!

    and of course you don't have backup. #1 rule - always make backups for important projects. When it happened? after upgrade/downgrade? Seems that here is similar problem and in answers you can find solution: https://forum.unity.com/threads/unity-4-5-memory-stream-is-corrupted.248356/ Before you will do anything, make a backup.
  3. Need Demonic Horse

    You can always ask your family members to pay. Here will be free horse model (.obj file format) : https://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/free-low--horse-3d-model/810753 If you need "demonic" horse, modify texture/mesh.
  4. How to recoil Spray Pattern (Like CSGO)

    show us code
  5. Playfab and gamesparks

    Hi, maybe someone use/used in past playfab and/or gamesparks and can give some information about them? More i read about playfab, less i understand how much you will have to pay. About gamesparks pricing everything is more or less clear (if you cross 100K MAU, you pay 2 cents for every MAU), but also they have this "fair use policy" with some limitations per MAU. Nobody can exceed these limitations (i mean, not even one player)? Or it's average number from all MAU?
  6. How to recoil Spray Pattern (Like CSGO)

    it's not about performance, but to get the same spray pattern. https://youtu.be/Pa5QfRNlSp0?t=22
  7. How to recoil Spray Pattern (Like CSGO)

    You can create Vector3 array and cycle through this array.
  8. AU FPS KIT V1.5

    Hi, watch this tutorial: https://youtu.be/adcKX1c-kag?t=941 You will have to modify weapon script: 1) Remove scope code from OnGUI() 2) Enable/Disable UI image scope when aiming.
  9. Dropbox Alternative

    My results are much worse. 100Mb (FPS Kit) Mediafire: 1 minute and 40 seconds. Dropbox: 17 seconds.
  10. Dropbox Alternative

    Maybe someone can do a quick test? Download this file from both links: and tell me which link downloads faster. First link is Dropbox and second Mediafire. Maybe you can even write down download time/speed.
  11. Dropbox Alternative

    Actually i like Mediafire. With free plan you can get direct download links by copying link from download button. If you pay (in my case 5$/month) you get direct download links immediately. For now looks that mediafire is even better than Dropbox (cheaper and no download limit). Only have to test download speed.
  12. Dropbox Alternative

    I know. I am just posting what i discovered. Do you share files in your forum? how much you will pay for 1TB?
  13. Dropbox Alternative

    Ok, i will try mediafire.
  14. Dropbox Alternative

    You can download files from mediafire without being redirected to their page?
  15. Dropbox Alternative

    Google Drive You can create direct download links on Google Drive, but only if size is below 25 MB. They have this notification page, where they inform that they can't scan large files for viruses. github download limit = 100 GB/month sync.com basically copy of Dropbox, but without public folder. No information about download limits.