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  1. OneManArmy

    C# | How to do X every Y seconds for Z seconds

    public int times = 5; public float waitTime = 2f; void Start () { StartCoroutine(Test()); } IEnumerator Test() { while(times > 0){ DoSomething(); yield return new WaitForSeconds(waitTime); times --; } Debug.Log("Done"); } void DoSomething(){ Debug.Log(Time.time); }
  2. OneManArmy

    Multiplayer Player Sounds

    Check your audio source settings. P.S. There is no need to send RPC's to play footstep sounds (especially when you use PUN with message limit). Just slightly modify your footstep script, or write separate script for remote player.
  3. OneManArmy

    Multiplayer Player Sounds

    how exactly you play sounds? show us code and check what is going on with your audio source in editor(in play mode). Maybe you change spatial blend via code, or something wrong with your 3d audio settings (and you should adjust distance and rolloff)
  4. OneManArmy


    https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=unity+photon+pun+tutorial https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbghT7MmckI7BDIGqNl_TgizCpJiXy0n9
  5. OneManArmy


    "how to add multiplayer and bots" * Watch tutorials/read documentation and learn. * If you have money, then hire someone, or buy one of kits with multiplayer. For example: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/templates/systems/modular-multiplayer-fps-engine-photon-2-88064 Where did you read that photon for unity was discontinued?
  6. OneManArmy

    Implementing AirStrike in multiplayer FPS[Photon]

    You don't have to disable camera. Simply disable controls on player when you instantiate jet. For jet camera set "Depth" higher then players camera and it should be enough. Where is problem with instantiation? When you instantiate (and you don't have errors), then object will be instantiated. Question is only how you move/sync jet position/rotation. Most likely jet shows up in wrong position (you can see it in Hierarchy window). By the way, how do you plan to move jet? You can control jet, with animation, or you use waypoints?
  7. OneManArmy

    Implementing AirStrike in multiplayer FPS[Photon]

    Where exactly you stuck? What is not working?
  8. OneManArmy

    Implementing AirStrike in multiplayer FPS[Photon]

    * write logic in separate project/new scene (without networking) * don't use PhotonNetwork.Instantiate(). You can simply send RPC to start event and instantiate your rocket. Edit: wait "airstrike" was when you set target points, when you control falling rocket, or when you are shooting from heli/jet?
  9. OneManArmy

    Player don't dead

    First learn basics of C#, so you can modify code and then use kits.
  10. OneManArmy

    Player don't dead

    replace: playerCan.hitPoints -= damage; with: playerCan.ApplyDamage(damage);
  11. OneManArmy

    same error.. 0246

    or you are lazy... what is more likely. In both cases you won't get far, if you will not force yourself to learn.
  12. OneManArmy

    same error.. 0246

    You are not learning at all. You are asking help for the same things again and again. I gave links to tutorials about namespaces. P.S. and you asked if 2 months will be enough to learn basics of C#? for you 20 years will not be enough.
  13. OneManArmy

    Pickup Grenade issue FPSKIT

    Is it really so hard to learn how to use debug/print to check which part of code is not working correctly?
  14. OneManArmy

    Photon Network Problem

    Seems that error is simply result of disconnect. Create topic in photonengine forum and show this warning.
  15. OneManArmy

    Photon Network Problem

    https://doc.photonengine.com/en-us/realtime/current/reference/analyzing-disconnects Show us full error.