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  2. var Weapon : GameObject[]; function Update() { if(...) //input { for(var i : int = 0; i < Weapon.Length; i++){ Weapon[i].SetActive(false); } } }
  4. I added script from YT description. There was link with .exe file in archive (possible virus).
  5. What game? If you are asking about AU Modern FPS, then register in this forum:
  6. Maybe someone here knows more about trademark law? For example, if someone wrote a book and called his book "Two days" and then someone else made a game and used the same name, is there any conflict? As far as i understand between book and game shouldn't be any conflicts. There is no similarity, or direct competition.
  8. Maybe at very beginning you should learn how to use engine and only then use different kits? You can't simply replace model and keep animations. If you already have animated hands with weapon:
  9. Thanks, problem solved. Had to increase Shadow near plane in Quality settings.
  10. Hi, on few maps i see this strange problem with shadows. Any ideas what is causing this problem? ***Latest version of unity engine.
  11. You can choose language.
  12. you must use code tags
  13. From experience i can say - always do your own tests. He did test in 2013 (unity 4), but in unity 5 results can be opposite. Like in this case Vector3.Distance is faster than your example, but difference is very small, so it doesn't really matter how you will check distance - you will not feel any difference. And instead of GameObject.Find() better: public class GameManager : MonoBehaviour { public static GameManager instance = null; void Awake(){ if(instance == null) instance = this; } public void PlaySound(...) { } } Then from any script you can: GameManager.instance.PlaySound(...);
  14. not even 'storyline'. It is just an 'idea'.
  15. If you use ripped models/animations (even as a placeholders), then at least give a credit to owner Nexon GT (Sudden Attack 2).