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  1. fpskit 1.6 referring to player clone

    this way you learn much slower + you need help on every step.
  2. unity 2018 graphical glitch

    DX10 most likely. Shadows on low settings are already disabled.
  3. Bugs after upgrading Unity

    For every raycast create own RaycastHit hit; hit2 and so on...
  4. unity 2018 graphical glitch

    Few players reported this graphical glitch: First time reported after switching to unity 2018.1.3f1 (current version). Previously game was on unity 2017.3 All players who reported this glitch are playing on ancient PC's (with integrated graphics). I would like to know what exactly causes this problem. Any ideas? Maybe someone of you also had this problem and you already found solution?
  5. Bugs after upgrading Unity

    unity 2018.2.x? you have multiple raycasts and you reuse RaycastHit?
  6. fpskit 1.6 referring to player clone

    you must apply damage, not set hitpoints to 0 or decrease in update public GameObject playerref; playerref = Instantiate (playerprefab, ...); P.S. how many times i already told you to stop use kits? +1 at first you must learn c# (at least basics), so you can read and understand code.
  7. fpskit 1.6 referring to player clone

    void OnTriggerEnter (Collider col) { if (col.CompareTag("Player")) { if(healthScript == null) healthScript = col.GetComponent<HealthScript>(); if(healthScript != null){ switch (TypeOfDamage) { case DamageType.DamageOnEnter: healthScript.PlayerFallDamage(DamageOnEnterValue); decreaseOverTime = false; break; case DamageType.ConstantDamage: decreaseOverTime = true; break; case DamageType.InstaKill: healthScript.hitPoints = 0f; decreaseOverTime = false; break; } } } }
  8. fpskit 1.6 referring to player clone

    you can assign healthScript when player enters trigger.
  9. Adding objects to a list in specific order

    what are you making there? you simply populate list with data and then sort by your liking. if you want to go hard way and manually add objects in list by order, then: places.Insert(index, go);
  10. Adding objects to a list in specific order

    search in google "unity sort list"
  11. fpskit 1.6 menu system

    Edit GameManager script. If for you C# is like Chinese language, then stop use kits and learn C#.
  12. Unity Recorder

    Seems that it is not possible in v0.2 If you want to try latest version (v1.0), then download unity 2018.2 and edit manifest file in Packages folder. { "registry": "https://staging-packages.unity.com", "dependencies": { "com.unity.recorder": "0.2.4-preview" } } - Pressing F10 will Start/Stop recording in v1.0 and via code: var recorderWindow = EditorWindow.GetWindow<RecorderWindow>(); recorderWindow.StartRecording(); recorderWindow.IsRecording(); recorderWindow.StopRecording(); using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; using UnityEngine; using UnityEngine.UI; using UnityEditor; using UnityEditor.Recorder; public class PlayerRecorder : MonoBehaviour { public static PlayerRecorder playerrecord; // public Text recordText; void Awake() { playerrecord = this; gameObject.transform.SetParent(null, false); DontDestroyOnLoad(gameObject); } void Update() { if (Input.GetKeyDown("page down")) { var recorderWindow = EditorWindow.GetWindow<RecorderWindow>(); recorderWindow.StartRecording(); print("Record In Progres"); } if (Input.GetKeyDown("page up")) { var recorderWindow = EditorWindow.GetWindow<RecorderWindow>(); recorderWindow.StopRecording(); print("Record finished"); } } }
  13. Accidentally came across one video on YouTube. Turned out that author made this project open source (example FPS shooter game using Forge Remastered). I think this project will be useful to someone who is new to networking and/or Forge. Features! A fully working FPS shooter with a simple map and a main menu Fully commented source code! A networked weapon system with several weapons and easy flexibilty Separated world & view model system Player customization with player name and player skin, saved locally and fully networked! Animated & networked characters! Player health, respawn, spawnpoints HUD & UI Ragdolls A few more things MIT license! Engine: Unity 2018.1.3f1 Networking Solution: Forge 24.2 You can find more info + download project from here: https://github.com/NFMynster/ArenaGame
  14. Unity3d RPG Updates (UPDATED)

    * motion blur is way too strong * scale down axe * apply damage when animation closer to the end (at hit time). * turn off drop shadow on axe
  15. How to fix the left hand side gun problem in Kit.

    Find person who made animations and get permissions from him. Most likely every weapon was animated by different person, so good luck.