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  1. fish behaviour/movement/animation doesn't look natural.
  2. For me it works. If on normal quality i have same problem, then on None/High Quality everything is fine. What texture format?
  3. Is this "Night Crisis" with some improvements?
  4. show us code you used with GetComponentsInChildren. Personally i wouldn't use GetComponentsInChildren, if it will be used often.
  5. OneManArmy

    Long time

    We always had small group of active members (less than 1%). 99% of members came here just to download something. Now most from this 1% grew up (literally and as devs) and moved forward. New generation now follows Brackeys, quill18 and join their community's. By the way, 800k subs for channel related to game dev(unity tutorials)... holly shit. Few years ago i thought that it is not possible. @Erarnitox Not "kit was transformed", but i started to work on another project. Modern FPS was made from all kits. Actually more code from Free FPS Kit was used, then from Premium.
  6. Thanks to changes in unity 2018.2 i stuck on 2018.1
  7. что со звуком? Чем ты звук записывал? из динамика микрофон сделал?
  8. @Erarnitox helicopter was in old version
  9. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=unity+UI+healthbar
  10. Omg, it's such a quest They give you game for "free", but only way to get is for free is to send it as gift? and you can't send it to yourself, right? I need tutorial...
  11. If you can't figure out why player can't move, then you should not use this kit - you are not ready to make multiplayer game. If you need help with something, then create topic in forum and explain what are you trying to achieve.
  12. "Nothing here is working" = what exactly is not working? maybe contact author, or ask for help in forum. broken = only for noobs. If project was made in older version of unity engine - errors are expected.... outdated = we are not removing old files and there are many devs who are using old versions of unity engine. Also if you are not noob, you can update any project.
  13. And he commented 2 years ago... why do you bump up old topics?
  14. https://docs.unity3d.com/ScriptReference/CharacterController.OnControllerColliderHit.html
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