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  1. OneManArmy

    New Terrain System Rant

    but nobody forces you to jump on latest version of unity engine.
  2. OneManArmy

    Unity 2K19 Car game

  3. When someone needs help with so simple things, i don't think that end result will be something complex
  4. You think it is possible to get same number more then let's say 100 times, if random will be from 2+ numbers? Even if somehow you will get same number 10 000 times, it is only 0.4 ms. *** Edit: Did a test... I was checking how many times i will get the same number: Random.Range(0, 3); From 50 000 times highest was 11 times. Random.Range(0, 10); From 60 000 times highest was 5 times.
  5. while (newIndex == currentIndex) { newIndex = Random.Range(0, Shapes.Length); }
  6. OneManArmy


    Step-by-step tutorial doesn't exist. At first you learn C# + unity editor and after some time you can download PUN. By reading documentation and studying provided demos/code you will learn how to make multiplayer game from any kit. If you are lazy, then you can buy one of multiplayer kits, but it will be waste of money, since you will not be able to modify kit.
  7. OneManArmy


    You can use any kit with photon.
  8. OneManArmy

    [Script] Auto-Reload FPS Kit

    Learn C# + unity editor basics and only then use kits.
  9. OneManArmy

    problem open project :(

    And where is problem? Open Scenes folder and double click on Testmap scene.
  10. OneManArmy

    Request for adding soldier enemies and Health to AU_FPS_KIT V1.6

    Hi, you can buy some kit with AI (or only AI asset) from unity asset store, or you can hire someone who will add AI. I had to remove AI's from this kit, because without AI there is no gameplay and beginners can't release default kit as their game.
  11. OneManArmy

    C# | How to do X every Y seconds for Z seconds

    public int times = 5; public float waitTime = 2f; void Start () { StartCoroutine(Test()); } IEnumerator Test() { while(times > 0){ DoSomething(); yield return new WaitForSeconds(waitTime); times --; } Debug.Log("Done"); } void DoSomething(){ Debug.Log(Time.time); }
  12. OneManArmy

    Multiplayer Player Sounds

    Check your audio source settings. P.S. There is no need to send RPC's to play footstep sounds (especially when you use PUN with message limit). Just slightly modify your footstep script, or write separate script for remote player.
  13. OneManArmy

    Multiplayer Player Sounds

    how exactly you play sounds? show us code and check what is going on with your audio source in editor(in play mode). Maybe you change spatial blend via code, or something wrong with your 3d audio settings (and you should adjust distance and rolloff)
  14. OneManArmy


    https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=unity+photon+pun+tutorial https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbghT7MmckI7BDIGqNl_TgizCpJiXy0n9
  15. OneManArmy


    "how to add multiplayer and bots" * Watch tutorials/read documentation and learn. * If you have money, then hire someone, or buy one of kits with multiplayer. For example: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/templates/systems/modular-multiplayer-fps-engine-photon-2-88064 Where did you read that photon for unity was discontinued?