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  1. OneManArmy

    Pickup Grenade issue FPSKIT

    in weaponmanager look for raycast and inputs and you will find
  2. OneManArmy

    Pickup Grenade issue FPSKIT

    every weapon has own index (including grenades), right? check for grenade index in script where you pick up weapon.
  3. OneManArmy

    error CS0246

    pay attention to namespace in look script and then watch tutorial about namespaces.
  4. OneManArmy

    error CS0246

  5. OneManArmy

    Help Move script Please

    Based on what i see, 2 months will not be enough.
  6. OneManArmy

    Help Move script Please

  7. OneManArmy

    Object didn't spawn

    Maybe contact author and ask him to share project (or at least scripts).
  8. OneManArmy

    error CS1525: Unexpected symbol `else'

    again... check your brackets. You made mistake. instead of: { else } must be: } else {
  9. OneManArmy

    error CS1525: Unexpected symbol `else'

    check brackets } else {
  10. Make a new post instead of editing old one. Here will be tutorial: https://unity3d.com/learn/tutorials/topics/interface-essentials/prefabs-concept-usage Watch all tutorials about editor, before you even start to use kit.
  11. How can you make a game if you don't know what is prefab (basics of unity Editor)? Simply drop player prefab in scene and watch tutorial.
  12. Wait

    1. 241V


      Sorry how do I remove this?

  13. OneManArmy

    help with granade script port fpskit

    replace: public GameObject weaponAnim; with public Animation anim; and: weaponAnim.GetComponent<Animation>() with anim.**** Assign animation component and make sure all animations are assigned.
  14. OneManArmy

    Best way to get subscribers on youtube?!

    You can try to make tutorial series and post your videos on all game dev forums. But you must talk in your videos. Check channels like Brackeys, Sykoo, Jimmy Vegas, quill18creates If you can keep up with them, then you can try...
  15. OneManArmy

    How can I use one of dragon age music in my game?

    Depends, what license EA has. Contact author.