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  1. bow

    Nobody will spend days, weeks to make kit for you (for 5$). Find money and buy kit from asset store, or make it yourself.
  2. and what is going on in Inspector window? do you see any changes in button colors? try to change sprite, or even restart editor. idk.
  3. Hi, how do you even get such string? Maybe it's better to change something in previous step where "|Display Name:" was added to this string? You can use Replace: void Start(){ string someText = "|Display Name:a|Display Name:b|Display Name:c|Display Name:d|Display Name:e|Display Name:f"; string cleanString = someText.Replace("|Display Name:", ""); Debug.Log(cleanString); } Example with splitting: void Start(){ string someText = "|Display Name:a,|Display Name:b,|Display Name:c,|Display Name:d,|Display Name:e,|Display Name:f"; string cleanString = someText.Replace("|Display Name:", ""); Debug.Log(cleanString); string[] splittedString = cleanString.Split(','); Debug.Log(splittedString.Length); }
  4. replace return MCFace.South with return MCFace.South;
  5. replace: if (sort == objectsorts.fundation with if (sort == objectsorts.fundation) and public enum objectsorts { normal; fundation; floor; } with public enum objectsorts { normal, fundation, floor, }
  6. maybe instead on "1" there should be "i"? for(int 1 = 0; 1 < 2; 1++)
  7. Only last changes? Everything else works fine? If you are doing everything correctly, then problem must be in engine. Can you record video?
  8. Project was opened in editor, when you copied project?
  9. Considering that you have open-air cooler on GPU, all hot air stays in case. No wonder that gpu overheats. Buy coolers, or remove side panel from your case (theoretically it should help).
  10. how many case fans you have? You need at least 2 fans (front, back). Without any airflow temperature in case will be high and sooner or later overheating expected. Dust can also lead to overheat. I don't think that it is virus. Maybe you overclocked your card?
  11. When player stands up you must access mouselook script and set correct rotation.
  12. resell

    No, you can't sell it.
  13. Version 1.0.0


    3D Platformer Tutorial updated to latest version of unity engine. Language: unityscript Engine version: v5.6 Password: armedunity Tutorial in PDF format:
  14. Just adjust script for your needs. You just need to change inputs. how can you move only with mouse? with mouse scroller? or you want to move only when RMB is pressed?