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    I was thinking in this because I heard/read this information before and I was not sure about it. Thank you Roland. Good idea. May could help someone. Thank you Erarnitox. I was thinking on the same thing but I don't know how to fix the angle of bullets. You did it in simple way. Thank you geckoo.
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    Respectfully I think that you have to change your way of mind it... In a previous project I used a simple tagged bullet prefab which was intantiated x times, applying a randomized force and angle. Only set prefab bullet and dispersion. Take a look at this part - I hope that it can help you ++ void fireRMB() { // simple fire rate using coroutine - efficient StartCoroutine(WaitMeRMB(frRMB)); // creates 9 bullets with randomize spread values for (var n = 0; n <= 8; n++) { var randomNumberX = Random.Range(-dispersion, dispersion); var randomNumberY = Random.Range(-dispersion, dispersion); var bullet = (GameObject)Instantiate(bulletPrefab, bulletSpawn.position, bulletSpawn.rotation); bullet.transform.Rotate(randomNumberX, randomNumberY, 0); // applies randomize force bullet.GetComponent<Rigidbody>().AddForce(bullet.transform.forward * Random.Range(800, 1100)); // play a sound if (shotgun != null) gm.GetComponent<GameManager>().playSound(shotgun, this.transform, true, Random.Range(0.4f, 0.75f), Random.Range(0.4f, 0.75f), shotgun.length); // destroy each bullet after 2.5 seconds Destroy(bullet, 2.5f); } }
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    the story has been written and is already in production. Story Background........................................... The year is 2030 Its the end of a muti century colonial rule over native , indigenous populations in north and south America as well as Africa The Colonists known in the world as the Global Elites ,are from a non indigenous subhuman breed of people.They are directly or in directly responsible for millions of deaths of indigenous peoples, stolen land and resources, culture theft , habit destruction , malicious hunting killing of animals, greed , human oppression and Assassinations. For hundreds of years they committed the various crimes in a parasitic like fashion to indigenous populations all over the world. Your codeName is blackfoot you are high ranking solider with special military skills and equipment in the United Native Resistance. The United Native Resistance is a a global unit that unites various indigenous fighter groups and gangs. You will deploy yourself out to the various crisis involving indigenous people,and help the local fighters defeat the last effort of colonial rule. Mission 2 AntiTrade Briefing Cutscene
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