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    but there are values of adjust that work? most likely nothing to do with adjust but rather disabeling something when you pick up that doesnt get enabled again when you drop or sth. like that. Im actually sorry i couldnt spot sth. at first sight... also im not quite positive if i got you correctly ... i know its annoying but a video of the issue really helps me understand things also i have sth. to do right now but will get back later
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    yes, it should but i think this gets optimized at compile time to what i wrote anyways so its the same just easier to read when you leave that away
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    1) create a new script and add it to the Player Obeject and/or Prefab in scene 2) write this into the script: public class Helper : MonoBehaviour{ public GrabObjects grabObjects; } 3) drag n drop "No Weapon" into the the grabobjects slot of that script 4) the new Pickable Script should look like this: using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; using EasySurvivalScripts; public class Pickable : MonoBehaviour { //[Header("JC LEON Other Scripts References Integrations")] private GrabObjects grabObjects; private TextAnimator textAnimator; [SerializeField] private string MyMessage; [Header("JC LEON Only Pickable Object Integration")] [Tooltip("thick to set object only pPickable and not Examinable")] public bool isPickableOnly;//ADDED JC LEON only pickup private void Start() { grabObjects = GameObject.FindWithTag("Player").GetComponent<Helper>().grabObjects; textAnimator = FindObjectOfType<TextAnimator>(); } public void ShowMessage() { textAnimator.Show(MyMessage); } void OnTriggerEnter(Collider otherCollider) { //If that GameObject is either static, without a rigidbody, or with a rigidbody that is also kinematic (in other words, that GameObject is not supposed to move)... //Then we call the ObjectCheck method. if (grabObjects.isGrabbing && grabObjects.GrabTime != 0.0f) { if (otherCollider.GetComponent<Collider>().gameObject.isStatic) { grabObjects.GetComponent<GrabObjects>().Drop(); Debug.Log("ciao"); } else if (otherCollider.GetComponent<Collider>().gameObject.GetComponent<Rigidbody>() == null) { grabObjects.Drop(); Debug.Log("ciao"); } else if (otherCollider.GetComponent<Collider>().gameObject.GetComponent<Rigidbody>()) { grabObjects.Drop(); Debug.Log("ciao"); } else if (otherCollider.GetComponent<Collider>().gameObject.GetComponent<Rigidbody>().isKinematic == true) { grabObjects.Drop(); Debug.Log("ciao"); } } } } 5) test it ... not sure if that will work but i think that was the problem 6) mark this as best answer (if it works, else call me stupid or sth. )
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    lol I forgot India banned 18+ content thats why couldnt load chaturbate to check oout the games, proxy to the rescue
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    No, I’m actually friends with a lot of pornstars and escort services bc I used to do a lot of there photography. But making visual game you can make it and throw up a price if you want and inform the stars on sites like ManyVids live. Sites like manyvids don’t have games built into there chat rooms so if they see games they can use, normally they will take it if offered. You can also ask a retweet group leader like @theserenitykay or @strawbryshrtck3 to tweet a link+game picture. Retweet groups are basically huge groups of porn models that retweet each other’s stuff to get there content noticed. Those 2 girls run retweet groups for manyvids. Telling them you will purchase content or add links to there content in the game may also increase your chances of them saying yes. But all depends on the quality of the game. For built in games using there chat CLICK HERE FOR API, chaturbate gets a ton of traffic and offers a text based game api for there chat rooms that you can sell for models essentially every game is just a list of prizes (what they do) and your game just randomly chooses an index in that list. That’s it. Then it’s just a matter of making it fun
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    STR!PES is my entry for the 44th LudumDare. This is a procedural game. In my project there is only code - some procedural generation for shapes and stripes - no sprite, no prefab, no physics, no implicite value (excepted a radius PI). I optimized each part of code so as to reach the lowest execution using a simple (but efficient) pooling system and an improved implementation of coroutine. Also I use a leaderboard on-line so as to save best scores. Take a look at the video below. STR!PES is available for free on Itch.io ++
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    (The next video will be in English!) Hey, guys at the moment I learn to program at school and while I'm doing this I decided to create my own game. I hope you will join the journey!
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