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    Hello everyone, long time no see! I just ported my old ping pong project to android Links: Google Play Store - Classic Ping Pong HD Itch.io - Classic Ping Pong HD About the game: The game is a 2D ping pong game heavily inspired by the classic pong game. - Simplistic clean 2D graphics. - Impact feedback (slight screen shake, etc). - 4 difficulties (Easy, medium, hard, impossible). - Local 2P | Play against your friends using the same keyboard, old school style If you play the game on android from the Google Play store, then there's achievements you can unlock, hence the trophy button (The screenshot is from the android app version). Difficulties: Easy Medium Hard Impossible Suggestions? If you have any suggestions then please post them, then I'll take a look to see if it fits the direction I'm going with the game
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    Even though its a clone it is very fun! You should continue developing it into a full game. I thought of an idea where perhaps you can use that marching cubes background from your main menu instead of hexagons. Or add powerups to slow down time momentarily. I wonder what Super Hexagon would be like in 3D? Congratulations on your game submit geckoo!
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    This is the end of the 44th LD. I did a SuperHexagon clone - all is displayed using procedural generation, pooling system and an improved implementation of coroutines ++ https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/44/strpes
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